April 12, 2024
Always make sure to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network), we keep hearing that all day of our life. You don’t need them to access the web so why the quest?

Buy VPN 2019

Virtual Private Network keeps you anonymous online, and that’s one reason enough to quell every doubt you have about getting one for yourself.

Alright am sure to get one for next year (2019) but how the heck’ does it work.

VPN’s are those tiny Cookie Robots in Despicable Me that helps encrypts your internet connection, and then routes it through a server in another location creating a bit of a tunnel for your internet connection access.

Because your connection is encrypted, any broker or cracker who tries intercepting your online data only gets directed to either a fake or even a non-existing IP address because your connection goes through a server.

Just see it as a protective coating to your berry fruit which not only coats the fleshy inside but also gives you a vague clue of what it looks like (like you’re browsing from the location of the server).

Internet security has often if not suddenly become an increasing headache for internet users as individuals now seek various ways to protect their identity or data whilst doing good or bad over the web.

Using VPN does not make you a so-so geek or nerd just for the sake through a bit technical but easy to use, and the perks are great.

Here are six cool reasons you just cannot do without getting yourself a VPN in 2019and watch your internet life improve too.

1. Speed up your connection

If you’ve not heard yet, then now. Its become a bit of a legal feature now for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to throttle your connection or block certain sites if they think you’re using too much bandwidth.all in the name of net neutrality.

While it’s not quite fair, you might take the whole laws into your hands if you are on a VPN. Just so cool!

When your connection is encrypted, not even your ISP can see what you’re doing. If they can’t see what you’re doing, they can’t restrict it. Victory for the little guys.

2. Save more money

Little do you know that online prices for hotels, flights, Netflix movies subs and loads of other things very much change depending on which country you’re in? Crazy segregation? No, maybe you mustn’t use it?

Matters go from “Its okay to WTF” when you discover a certain App you so much need is not available for your current location. Yeah! Yeah!

Switch on our location encryptor – VPN. The website will probably think you’re having a nap on top the Eiffel Tower in Paris or in the midst of Oktober Fest in Germany and suddenly you’ve got a better price.

You might call it geo-spoofing, all we know is that it works so great and we just cannot do without getting one VPN in 2019.

3. Protect yourself on public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is it free or premium (locked) still promises you the biggest of online data threats all the time as many individuals keep connecting to it.

VPN for Public Wifi 2019

From Airports departure rooms to coffee shops and even school networks, we love to jump on free bandwidth, who doesn’t anyway!

The fun is so cool and you get to watch all your IGTV videos with the minimum fuss of bandwidth but the problem is that often or less these connections often have little to no security measure attached to them.

The self-acclaimed protected ones might just be full of loopholes and backdoors for hackers to very much walk into without breaking a sweat.

Individuals on a public Wi-Fi all get logged in with different motives either to stream the most recent movie on Netflix or on a lookout for credit card details on the Deep Web.

It is therefore super easy for a hacker on the same network to intercept your internet traffic and if you’re on a shopping trip or processing banking transactions online then suddenly they’ve got your back (financial details), so easy!

With a VPN your data is strongly encrypted before it leaves your phone or computer.

Jonny aka the Hacker will still be able to pull it out of the air, but he won’t be able to read it. Problem solved, so easy again!

4. Stream more stuff from Anywhere

Ever logged in to Netflix or Iroko movies for Nigerians in a different country while you’re on vacation? You get completely different or just no content at all. 

These guys all come up with boring licensing reasons why you just cannot get access to a movie to personally subscribed to, all because of a different location. It sucks but are you going to ask for a refund?

Issues like this are very much existent for systems that make their content exclusively available to a particular country, such as BBC iPlayer. You can beat this system with a VPN and access whatever you want.

These streaming sites are built to auto-identify where you are from your IP address. You just cannot do anything immortal about it.

Fast forward, switch on your VPN and choose a server in the right country. The website will see your fake IP address and thinks you’re in that country. Stream away!

5. Use P2P securely

Downloading stuff peer to peer (P2P) can be great as per Android Authority, but there are also several risks involved.

Individuals you’re sharing with can see your IP address and work out where you are, target your data and in some cases upset your ISP which may result in bandwidth restriction.

A handy VPN and no one can see where you are or what you’re doing. Easy again!

6. Browse in peace

Adult content? Its all over the web now and the urge is always there, you may want to do things online that wouldn’t exactly make your mom proud. At least 49% of the world’s population knows what I’m talking about.

Just turn on incognito mode and check the hell’ thing out? No chance. Incognito mode on your browser will only successfully hide any sorta’ evidence on your computer, but your ISP, Google and other sites are still happily logging your activity.

You might want to turn off these Google activity footprints logging and search patterns by following this simple procedure.

A Virtual Private Network so much gives you the privacy and security that your parents can never give you online. No one gets to track or monitor you.

All Sounds great! Which VPN do I get for 2019?

No doubt, this year has so much been a year for the VPN with hundreds of thousands of providers out there.

VPN for work 2019

Note: Any VPN will very much do the basics, but some are just unarguably lot better than others.

While some others keep buffering and fluctuating your IP address creating suspicion to your ISP others entirely break off along the road leaving you unprotected and making away with logs of your online activity.

Therefore, with so many excellent providers out there, I would suggest you get our top pick for the year so far – the ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is so cool and popular that when you ask your nearest mate which VPN he uses, you sure to get this reply. Just try it!

Furthermore, it:

  • Doesn’t keep activity logs 
  • Uses 256-bit encryption, which would take a supercomputer million years to crack. 

Yeah, you heard that right!

  • Has a built-in kill switch, which disconnects your internet connection if the VPN goes down for any reason. 
  • 24/7 customer support in case anything goes amiss. 

Why don’t you just love it?

  • With over 2000 servers in 94 countries and most of them showed excellent results, Express VPN is pretty lightning fast for your connection 
  • Super perfect for torrenting, allows of course. 
  • 30-day money back guarantees if not satisfied – who is nowadays. 

If you want to give ExpressVPN a try, none is perfect anyways, use this link to check out their different plans, you won’t be disappointed.

You might also want to check out their tut self-explanatory video too.

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