April 11, 2024

Yet another period of the year. It’s another Black Friday with several ecommerce shops throwning deals up and down, arguably one of the best days of the year to bag an online bargain. Whether you’re in the US or the UK, Black Friday is fast becoming the biggest and best day of the shopping year to hunt for a bargain.

Black Friday sales tips

Come November 24, your promotion inbox will likely be filled with different e-commerce black Friday deals brands with huge promises on big discount reductions and can’t-miss deals. Just two days to the Big event.

But do you have to wait till the D-day to be able to strike down the best deals and arrangements?  Certainly, No. We’ve gathered together some of the big retailers who just recently uncovered their Black Friday discounts and rebates, and we’ll keep on updating you on the best deals as the days progress.

What is Black Friday?

Though its roots were noted to have started out in America, the pre-Christmas shopping craze gradually made its way to the UK back in 2010 and continually is advancing to the other parts of the world where Online malls are been experienced.

Keeping in mind that the discounts are generally on for a single day only, few shops such as Amazon, Jumia and even online tutorial sites have all joined the trend and extend their discounts during the week too.

When is Black Friday?

If you have followed this update from the beginning, you would have gotten the date already. Black Friday is always staged the day after Thanksgiving. This year Black Friday falls on Friday, that is November 24.

Why is it called Black Friday?

While no one is completely sure of where the name originates from, there are certainly some few potential clarifications to get you cleared.

For some individuals, it represents the day that retailers books go from red to black as they make their greatest benefit before the year runs out.

Be that as it may, others believe that the name began from the American police amid the 1960’s to portray the chaos that resulted as Thanksgiving customers filled town thereby causing horrible automobile overloads and traffic jams.

What deals can I expect?

You can hope to discover bargains on virtually everything from TV portable workstations and laptops to clothes, make-up and homeware, to the least expected item you would ever expect in an ecommerce shopping mall.

Online retailers like Amazon, Jumia Udemy and Skillshare commonly go full scale i.e huge discount prices up to 95%, while others – like Apple – typically discount fewer from the items actual prices.

Which shops are doing Black Friday?

Almost all E-commerce black friday shops and online malls are running the Black Friday show, it all comes down to getting the best deals and making the most out of the huge discounts.

Amazon, unofficial crowned the ruler of the Black Friday frenzy and significantly one of the major retailers to help spread the insanity of the Black Friday deal to major parts of the world even outside the UK.

Other shops running Black Friday deals as Amazon also bear the same business motive will also hoping to make a major recoup and profit on the remaining days of the year.

Black  Friday Tech Deals to Expect

Absolute great deals and products on offer with big discounts across many tech mall ranges – including wearables to even personal drones if you wish.😄

Some of the deals with huge discounts to expect include:

Best fridge deal: Samsung Family Hub American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer – Initially £3,999, now £2,999. Not even yet the D-day😎

Best TV deal: LG 65″ Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV – Initially £4,299, now £2,699

Best laptop deal: Now, this is our very own PC World and you won’t ever regret doing so The ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490 14″ laptop – Initially £1,799, now £1,399.

You can also check out this amazing guide by the Independent on the best Black Friday 2017 Laptop Deals to go about getting in this amazing period of discount.

There are so arguably so many Black Friday deals, special sales hours, and doorbusters, it can overwhelm even the most seasoned shoppers.

But it’s a day of challenge for bargain hunters, with one major goal driving them—to snag huge discounts on great products before everything sells out and here we will just highlight the very best tips to manage your purchase options so as to get the good ones.

₦ Check Out the Ads and the Apps

It is unquestionable that your daily newspaper is filled with stuff like ads, coupons, and circulars and bargain deal directions. This is a major source for local Black Friday savings so don’t toss it aside as you head for the kitchen.

It is also bound to help you schedule your day so as to maximize savings because many stores offer special discounts that are time-specific, such as early bird sales and doorbusters.

Many Android and iOS apps are designed to make shopping for the best deals on Black Friday even easier, just like the ads you see on this website. They help inform you when stores you want to have coupons and special deals available.

Compare product Prices

Use price-comparison Internet shopping sites like PriceGrabber.com to assist you in comparing product prices.

Compare your “options” alongside the product. Some retailers usually lower an advertised price on a slacking product then charge you extra for the necessary parts that will make it perform as expected. A good example of this is super low-priced computer printers that come without the cable or even the printer ink.

₦ Know your Store Policies

Now, this is really an important one. Knowing a store’s policy on returns can help you determine so many factors including where to buy a given product.

Recent Black Friday trends of extending the “return days” during the holiday are being seen less and less these days with many retailers including restocking fees and shortening return deadlines.

Major retail chains have moved to clamp down on requiring receipts for returns and exchanges, with many keeping databases of individuals who tend to abuse return policies. If you get onto an “abuse” list, prepare to be turned down.


So those were really quick and easy tips to make your Black Friday purchases a memorable one. Maximize the benefits of hitting the stores on a day when there are big crowds and better deals around every corner. Your Black Friday will definitely be a shopping success.

Have fun saving money while you shop!

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