April 12, 2024
Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

Think about a smartphone that has it all- five cameras in one phone like the Nokia 9 PureView? Nah. A little bit of blood to unlock this LG ThinQ device down here in my hand? Nah. Having the “Future” in your bare hands and the only thing you can do is fold it into a Galaxy? Ehheem..Nah. So what!

Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to introduce to you the biggest battery ever recorded present in a smartphone – the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop.
smartphone 50 day challenge1

We all got our choice of smartphones with influence ranging from brand name, camera build, better RAM allocation, fair battery Have you ever wanted a smartphone with just a bit more battery capacity. But what if you got more than you ordered for? Like what….

Energizer is showing off something pretty wild at MWC 2019 and its been the talking point all day. Look they ain’t sharing Red Bull drink, they are showing off this crazy battery 18,000mAh battery they say can last you for a full 50-day cycle.
It can also be used as a power bank.
**What’s your current phone percentage now mate! Think!
smartphone 50-day challenge2
Long lasting smartphone batteries have been a major issue in smartphone production not until now that we get to see pretty good batteries in our new smartphones. The smartphone is a pretty cool one and packs great basic features you will expect in a phone…with the biggest battery in the world.
smartphone 50-day challenge3

Power Max P18K Pop Features and Specs

We’ve seen crazy designs coming to the mobile industry but not a big battery smartphone like your life depends on it. Well, my early impressions are as good as you get them right.
It MANAGED to come with a crazy 18,000mAh battery that is reported to last 200 hours of video playback or 50 days on standby. 50 days! Yes.

Running under the hood, you get a basic 2GHz processor from MediaTek – the Helio P70 MediaTek chip. The camera does not disappoint either as you are given five cameras—three at the rear (12 MP + 5 MP + 2 MP) and two at the front (16 MP + 2 MP). 
Someone remember seeing a five (5) camera phone somewhere?
smartphone 50-day challenge4
A pop-up selfie camera follows the trend as also other elements you need including triple-lens rear camera setup on the back. Elsewhere, the screen is a 6.2-inch Full HD+ resolution display. You also get 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage and Android 9 Pie.

Early Verdict

  • The first point of call, you might get embarrassed using this among your peers. There ain’t any bit of sexiness in this thing, so, you would be  “Better showing off pics than show it live”
  • You might not want to TRY putting this into your pockets as you are 100% guaranteed to be uncomfortable with it due to its thickness with it been recorded to be 0.8-inches thick or about 18mm.
smartphone 50-day challenge5
  • Heard suggestions of it being that perfect device for surviving a long cross-country trip or festival or hike without having battery-level anxiety but, heck! Why don’t I get a Powerbank and know I’ve a phone and a powerbank ONLY?
  • You might only get to enjoy this thing when it is already charged as you have to spend 8-9 hours charging it up. SMH
Am I in any way interested in this device? No way! would even have to reach out to my grandchildren for a little heads up if they considered it in the future.It can also be used as a power bank. Quite understandably, Energizer is of the opinion that this should dig you out for your utility, but how about reducing the size a bit. Would you?
As am yet to fully understand the science behind big battery life and big gadget sizes, I pretty much take this as a very comical move to rack up the size. Would you say its a practical step to turn our eyes off from the current folding trend in the mobile industry? We get to discover later.
Difficult to say smartphone design is waning but, with OEM’s now looking for ways to get consumers to buy their products without really crafting a unique dimension for themselves, we might as well make the announcement sooner. 
smartphone 50-day challenge6

Power Max P18K Pop Pricing in Nigeria

Reports are it will go on sale for $682, that is about N246,000 for a mid-year launch. Such enormous amount compounds the misery as I doubt I’d ever think about buying it when portable battery charger is such a proven option now. But maybe, just maybe, this practicality might just blow up a trend? You never know!
Yet still, I wouldn’t care an inch.
So, would you buy it?
What do you think they ought to have added or removed to make the biggest smartphone battery in the world a hit?
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