April 17, 2024
Samsung Galaxy S10 variants

Nobody really saw it coming but, Samsung Unpacked Event definitely lived up to its hype and billing with devices on display including the highly expected Samsung S10 variations alongside numerous other smart techs on display.

You might as well see Samsung as that crazy guy in class, not always making the headlines by answering smart questions but a real competitor to the brainy ones around. Having moved their own Samsung Event just a few days to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, they did bring us not only quality but also considerable quantity.

However, the event saw no major surprises at all, considering the leaks that started making rounds on the internet weeks before its official release, but, it did see the official unveiling of the most times the word “Galaxy” has ever been used in a sentence (you might as well check that up).

We saw the; Samsung Galaxy Fold (formerly known as Galaxy X), Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fit e and… Galaxy Watch Active.

We, therefore, look through the major things that caught the eye at the recently concluded Samsung event nothing the ones already making the best of impressions and the ones that well…we should really saw was rushed.

So, Shall we!

A Revival/Rival to the Apple Watch?

For years since its inception, Apple smartwatches have been regarded as the best in the business of connectivity and design but we could yet see a new warrior spearheading a revival for the neglected smartwatches.
Galaxy watch Active specs
Source: Pocket-lint
Integrated with Samsung’s One UI and could yet get you through with many processes and functions just like your Apple watch you seriously should be considering your wallet size for you to get your hands on a whole new dimension for which Android Smatch watch is moving.
I usually get excuses from pals regarding their handling of watches. M, ost will usually come up with the “I don’t usually remember having watches always on since am always on my smartphone, so why pay so many bucks for these”, you might a well have to crank up on that with the Galaxy Watch Active costing west of £229.
However, the new Galaxy Watch Active is a sight to behold coming in colour variants of Gold, White and a little bit of Black and Green design. A juicy offer from Samsung at the end of the post will sure make get you this for just $0.
All of these wearables on show offer instant pairing with 2019 Galaxy devices (and possibly earlier ones but we can’t confirm that), and can also be wirelessly charged from the 2019 wave of S10 mobiles and S-class tablets (or via a standard wireless charger). They also get to track multiple fitness activities, some automatically, some by you telling the watch or band what workout you are undertaking. 
So, any early verdict already? A revival to Android Smartwatches or a much direct rival/replacement for the Apple watch? Let us know down.

“Too much RAM’s in my Smartphone – Don’t know how to spend it”

Like previous years, Samsung will use a combination of its own Exynos-branded processors and the latest from Qualcomm to power it’s Galaxy S10 smartphone. There won’t be any discernible difference in performance between the two models, with the chipset inside your handset only decided by the country you bought it in. 
But, how about this – having a whole bunch of up to 12GB RAM on a phone? I mean, like, some PC’s ain’t even privileged to have that but, you have it all in your palm. **Crazy
Here’s a rundown to the storage space and RAM allocations for each of the latest flagship Galaxy S10 variations :
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, 128GB of storage 6GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e with 128GB of storage
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 with 128GB of storage and 6GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 with 512GB of storage and 8GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 128GB of storage and 6GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 512GB of storage and 6GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 1TB of storage and 5G connectivity and 12GB RAM

The huge storage space in these devices is a definite plus but, any pressing need for a 12GB RAM phone NOW? I cannot tell but, Samsung having tagged this as “The Future Unfolds“, it’s can be taking as one for the future, a really big step up in terms of phone specs as well as an overall tech to go.

Price Goes Before a “Fall”

Gone are the days when smartphone prices where a cheek in tongue, nowadays, you might have to sacrifice for extra workdays to get on one of these flagships.
Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Earbuds
We were all wowwing yesterday at San Francisco as Samsung kept pouring out “direct from the workshop” tech-novations but, how about when the price is been mentioned? We wow too.
A promise from a certain company NEVER to price its smartphones for more than $999, could Samsung be about to break that smartphone price window? Are we now going to start seeing some overpriced piece of cramp for a phone? Does pricing determine consumer attitude toward a good/best and bad phones? 
Lots of questions that will only be answered at the end of the 2019 tech year. With the MWC event to come amid Apple release of its projected iPhone 11, we only pray for the best.
In a snap, here’s the price rundown to each 2019 Samsung tech released in San Francisco:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: £229 
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds: £139 (or free with any S10 phone pre-ordered before March 8)
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit: £89 
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit e: £35
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e with 128GB of storage: £669 
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 with 128GB of storage: £799 
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 with 512GB of storage: £999 
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 128GB of storage: £899 
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 512GB of storage: £1,099 
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 1TB of storage and 5G connectivity: £1,399 
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold: €2000 (about £1800, most likely) 
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: No pricing announced 

Can I Fold it for You?

Much has been made of Folding phones in 2019, several OEM’s have adopted and started working on the trend with Huawei the latest to make known its Folding phone patent. We’ve been seeing patents and leaks but guess who broke the jinx with a public show off?
Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung never one to back down from the Competition, made public its first “Real” folding phone at their Event in San Francisco yesterday and it was not pretty much different from other folding tech concepts we’ve been seeing, but, it was just real.
A 7.3″ Infinity Flex display with a 4.6″ cover display. Its really gonna take much battery that’s why Samsung has packed up to 4370mAh battery into it and then comes a 12GB RAM allocation.
Samsung Galaxy Fold specs
The Samsung Galaxy Fold idea is a great one for the tech industry but questions still abide whether it’s actually the way forward for smartphone design and about the pricing too.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

Actually the pick of the bunch from the many releases on show yesterday. Much has been written about towards the launch and it comes in three (3) different variations; Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus, all made available at different price range with respect to their prices.
The latest flagship sports an Infinity-O display, which initially made an appearance in the Samsung Galaxy A8s. It is an edge-to-edge screen with a small circular cut-out for the front-facing camera. This small hole-punch in the display enables Samsung to eliminate the bezels to offer more screen real estate without increasing the size of the handset.


So, there you go, those are my impression picks from the recently concluded Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event. The Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone finally became real and not a leak anymore but, the price tags are likely to raise some eyebrows.
What are your observations? Do you think Samsung is already setting the pace for smartphone tech in 2019? Any hope for Apple to establish themselves back as Chair-leaders again? Let me know in the comment section.

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