April 11, 2024

Now, this might sound ridiculous, how possible is it to make market purchases without spending cash on the purchases? But that’s actually possible or will I say facilitates it better with the successful try-out of a new FINGER VEIN PAYMENT SYSTEM by a certain British Supermarket, the first of its kind, unlike the Biometric facial recognition system.

Finger Vein Authentication

Finger Authentication system

Making groceries or gadget payment with your fingertips at the point of selection without moving an inch just depicts exactly how far our world of technology adventure has gone.

Customers at the Costcutter shop in Brunel University, Britain became the first in the world to witness the Finger Vein payment system which allows customers to make payments for goods by using their vein pattern to identify themselves.

How Does the FVPS Technology Work?

The technology is alleged to operate using infrared light which enables it to scan customer finger veins and then uses the acquired biometrics to link to their bank cards.

The finger scanner makes use of secure and health-safe biometric identification system method that cannot be stolen or modified. Speaking to the public, Sthaler CEO Nick Dryden, the company behind the technology made the following statement with regards to security issues:

“When we make a crypto-key from your finger vein pattern that is completely anonymous in our database, any other person that gets in there, it’s nothing that they can actually find and reuse,” he said. “All you need is you alone; you don’t need to carry anything. Lots of other biometrics systems are lent to devices that we need to take with us. So if we use them, we lose the ability to identify ourselves.”

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Must be Costly?

Not at all! The finger vein payment recognition system is massively cheaper and relatively inexpensive when compared to retinal scanners. Also practical this makes individuals not to mind using their fingers just like the Palm Scanner.

Some individuals reportedly have issues regarding the use of biometrics, especially when concerned with retinal (eye) scan. But with the cheap nature of the FVPS technology, data can be captured within 200 milliseconds which contrary is a bit more difficult with retinol.

Sthaler CEO Nick Dryden also pointed out U.S. businesses have already expressed interest and plan to visit the U.S. to introduce the technology at Money20/20.

Watch the Video Below for more Info!

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