April 11, 2024

Most Affordable MBA Colleges In Canada

MBA was first introduced by the Harvard University Graduate School of Administration now Harvard Business School in 1908. MBA is an acronym that stands for Master of Business Administration. Currently, business schools all over the globe offer the MBA program. The program offers theoretical and practical training for business post-graduate students as they are trained in the areas of business management and administration.

Over the years, the MBA has become a very popular and standardized Master’s degree option among students in the field of business. The program covers areas under business such as business administration, accounting, finance, business statistics, investment, and much more. Globally, MBA programs last for between 1-2 years for the full-time program.

Canadian institutions of higher learning rank highly globally. It is therefore expected that MBA programs in Canada will equally be highly respected. A good number of Canada’s MBA programs rank among the top 100 MBA programs in the world. It is therefore a no-brainer that enrolling in an MBA program in a Canadian institution is signing up for world-class education.

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Canadian institutions are known to offer quality yet affordable education. It is for that reason majorly that it is a popular study destination. Likewise, Canadian institutions also offer quality yet affordable MBA programs. So, if you are looking to pursue an MBA program in Canada on a budget, then this article will be of help to you as in this article we bring to your knowledge affordable MBA programs for both Canadian and international students. Let’s get right into it.

Memorial University of Newfoundland MBA Program

The Memorial University of Newfoundland consistently ranks among the top five comprehensive universities in Canada. Despite being an institution of high standing, tuition fees at the university is so cheap. This is because it is located in one of the smaller provinces and not in provinces like Québec, British Columbia, and Ontario which are more appealing to international students. Therefore, to attract more international students, they have a lower rate. The tuition for both part-time and full-time MBA students at Memorial University is $5,700. However, while the duration of the program for full-time students is between 16-24 months, part-time students will spend 48 months.  When compared to other institutions, the Memorial University of Newfoundland MBA program is quite affordable.

UQAM School Of Management: Université du Québec à Montréal

This school is yet another prestigious Canadian institution. Its school of management offers MBA programs to both local and international postgraduate students. Students from Québec pay around $3,600 while students from outside Québec pay $7,500. This fee range is both for part-time and full-time MBA programs. While part-time programs last for 48 months, full-time MBA programs for about 20 months.

Université de Moncton

The Université de Moncton is reputed to be the only French-language university in New Brunswick and the largest francophone university outside of Québec. The school’s MBA program is in two categories: regular and co-op options. The co-op program runs for two years under which students are expected to complete two 15-week placements. Students who choose the regular program can either enroll in either a full-time or part-time program. The full-time program lasts for 24 months and applicants are not required to have any work experience before they can apply. The part-time program runs for over five years and students who wish to can take the entire program online. During the program, students complete mandatory courses in accounting, financial management, marketing, and many more in addition to electives on small and medium-sized businesses, managing customer relationships, and others. The fee for the MBA program is $12,284 for local students and $20,843 for international students.

Université de Sherbrooke

The Université de Sherbrooke has its unique approach to MBA programs. The MBA program at Sherbrooke is a combination of theory, experimental learning, individual projects, and teamwork. The school offers four MBA streams: full-time and part-time business management, co-operative and mutual management, and a joint business and a law degree. The full-time MBA program lasts for 16 months during which students are eligible to participate in the university’s mentorship program which pairs students with an executive or entrepreneur for the period of their program. Also, students in this stream may do some weeks of paid internships and can even take courses abroad. The part-time program is ideal for full-time, working professionals as students can take up to six years to complete the program thereby working at their own pace. The joint law degree lasts for four years and is open only to students pursuing an undergraduate law degree. The MBA program cost $7,500 for Québec students and $16,150 for out-of-province students. Part of the requirements is to have 2 years of working experience.

Université Laval  

The Université Laval is yet another institution that offers affordable MBA programs in Canada. The tuition for full-time students is $11,550. Students are required to meet certain requirements before they can be admitted. The program is taught purely in the English language.

The above-mentioned MBAs are some of the cheapest and the most affordable you can get anywhere in Canada.

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