April 13, 2024

Apple’s 2020 Developers Conference went ahead despite the presence of the ongoing pandemic albeit with no in-person attendance.

Apple will also be hosting over a hundred engineering sessions which are free to attend. You just need to tune in via the Apple Developers app or on the Apple Developers website.

During the keynote, a number of new features were announced that would be a part of iOS 14. However, Apple’s mobile operating system continues to follow the existing ‘iOS’ nomenclature and does not go back to the iPhone OS renaming, as some rumors recently suggested.

Here are some of the key updates from the ongoing Apple WWDC Conference.

Everything new in Apple iOS 14

Apple’s new generation for its smartphone software didn’t come with a bump in features.

App library

One of the biggest pain points for many iOS users is managing a large number of apps they end up installing with a whole lot of them scattered all over the home screen.

Apple seems to have gone the stock Android route though…

App Library will allow you to clean up the excess pages of apps by putting apps into folders based on the app category. When enabled, users will be able to “hide” the pages of apps you don’t really access, replacing them with an App Library view.

Think of it as a super-charged version of folders. If your OCD has been greatly challenged by the inability to hide the numerous app icons, you’re going to absolutely love App Library.


Apple had already introduced widgets to iOS in a rather limited capacity, but iOS 14 supercharges widgets.

Besides being able to choose multiple sizes for widgets, users will finally be able to combine Widgets with Apps on the home screen and customize the home screen of their iOS device with their favorite combination of widgets and apps.

Android did this years ago, but for iOS users, this is bound to create a whole new experience of getting access to things they use most frequently.

It’s taken more than 13 years but we don’t want to say the iOS ecosystem is following the Android route right??!

Apple Maps

Apple also announced a number of new features for its Map app but most of them, for now, will be limited to very few cities. The list, sadly, does not have any Nigerian cities on it.

In the new Maps app, users will be able to find points of interest in cities of their choice. Apple Maps iOS also now getting “cycling” as a means of transportation, but the feature is going to be limited to five cities at launch.

Everything new in Apple iPadOS 14

While iOS 14 remains more of an iPhone-centric operating system, Apple has moved to bring all of iOS 14’s features to the iPadOS, Apple equivalent for the iPad along with a few exclusives too.

New Search

iPadOS 14 will now incorporate a completely new search experience for users.

When you pull down to search, the search bar will simply float over whatever it is that you have open giving more flexibility. This means that search won’t interfere with whatever it is you have open.

Secondly, Search won’t just be implemented for apps, but will actually be a universal search, being able to pull results from everywhere.


Apps like Photos and Music are getting a new Sidebar that will offer the most frequently used aspects of those apps right at the fingertips of the user. U

Users will be able to move photos from one section of their gallery to another, or maybe move them to another album altogether. The sidebar allows that to happen with a simple drag-and-drop behavior.

The Apple Music app has also received a full redesign, including a full-screen experience.

Apple iOS and iPadOS 14 Availability in Nigeria

Apple promises its next generation of mobile operating systems will be available later this year when the company launches its next iPhone with a stable public release expected before the end of the year.

September anyone!

However, users will be able eager to test drive the beta version for iOS, iPadOs, and WatchOS in July. Although, this will be the first-time apple is offering a WatchOS beta.

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