April 11, 2024

Remember when the world was such a free place where we are always looking forward to the next competitive smartphone launch to meet new friends and take amazing portraits now come here to share our awesome critical views of their devices.

Coronavirus pandemic has seen the tables turned with many employees urged to work from home while being in constant communication with the company itself.

Socializing with one another is also a top-level crime now and is also punishable by law.

The huge paradigm shift has henceforth seen several companies rise to prominence with worldwide demand for their products and services.

One of such is Zoom Video Communications founded by Eric Yuan whose cloud meeting App has helped many businesses maintain communication with it’s employees. 

The gentleman guide to using Zoom for video conferencing

Now, the reason for this post is to correct a huge blunder from its users who are all probably new to the app.

Hahahahà… We’re all new to it just that you’re the last person to join the queue

As such, I reached out to Ajikobi Emmanuel – a friend to help out with 10 quick ZOOM etiquettes and avoidable annoying mistakes – might as well call it “Zoom for newbies” Hehe

Alright, long talk let’s dive into the quick startup guide for any first-time user on Zoom Conferencing. Shall we?

1. Set up your profile FIRST

The first thing after installing the Zoom cloud meeting app on your smartphone is to get your profile in order.

This means, your name is not ” iPhone 11 Pro Max” neither is it a random dancing emoji from your huge emoji library.

Imagine how awkward it would be for the host to welcome you to the meeting. This means you should update your Zoom profile properly.

2. Profile photo Over an Avatar Icon

Now, we are all guilty of this but my guess is if you’re using Zoom for official purposes, the first point of call for setting up your profile is to set up a recognizable profile photo.

The saying goes that even if you’d not activated your video feed, let us recognize who or what is talking through your profile picture.

Else, I think I’m meeting an imposter!

3. Join via Audio

Absolutely the first Call-to-Action for any Zoom user. Always join in any meeting via Audio.

Another error most zoom users make is always shouting “I can’t hear you out” as most users do.

You wouldn’t have any conversation issues if you always join any meeting via Audio first. You don’t want to miss it.

4. Always join with Mic muted

You are joining a conversation via Audio doesn’t mean you have to have your mic all blazing. Your room conversation with bestie might even be heard over.

Lol. Who wants us to hear him telling bestie to “put water in the bathroom, I’m coming”

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a quiet environment, most of our smartphones have very highly receptive and pick on the minutest of sounds.

So, always unmute when you have something to say. Stop stressing the host.

5. Dress up, please

Unless you’re having a FaceTime with LOML or you’re having #AGoodTime with mama, always dress up then have a zoom conversation.

Because you’re joining a meeting from the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you should behave like the ‘Flintstones’ right. Hahaha

For the guys, anything singlet’s or sleeves is just not it regardless of the tone of the meeting. Put on a good clothe.

6. Proper Light Positioning

The way your camera is should definitely be the way whatever light you’re using should be positioned.

You don’t have your cam and them position the light behind you.

We can’t see no shit man!

7. There’s a virtual background

Thanks to the Zoom updates pushed out each day, you don’t have to worry about settling for a horrible background.

You can read up about using a virtual background for your zoom meetings in this post made by CNBC.

8. Sharing screen during meetings

The very first thing you should always have in mind is this; two people can’t share their screen at the same time.

So, next time you don’t go saying “we are having issues sharing our screen, please bear with us.”

That’s just embarrassing!!!

9. Feed spotlight setting for Hosts

This one is for the host of meetings. Thanks to regular updates, you can now make the feed of whoever is speaking in the spotlight.

So, regardless of whoever is speaking or making noise from their end, everyone else will be seeing the person you made the spotlight.

10. Sending Private Messages

Now, folks are always conscious of their online privacy, in that way you don’t go sending random messages to everyone you meet in a Zoom meeting.

Be conscious yourself of whoever you’re sending a private message to as Random persons might join a meeting with wrong intentions.


Now, that’s my little tip to you on how to startup with Zoom for video conferencing. I’m sure you’ve identified your past mistakes right?

Got any more questions with regards to using Zoom? Let’s hear them out in the comments section.

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