April 14, 2024
At Apple’s fall 2019 hardware event, the iPhone 11 announcement quite rightly stole the show due to the many consumer expectations.

From the mystifying choice of name which is expected after the release of the iPhone X down to the innovative upgrades led by 2019 Android releases.

Apple releases iPhone 11, Apple Watch series 5 and new iPad Pro

Some of the new releases were widely anticipated, some of it was a surprise – and some of it was what the company didn’t notably announce.

The pressure has and will always be on the Tim Cook; Apple Inc. led multinational company, but safe to say, they continue thriving with the Friday night event outcome sure cementing their status as one of the Big Four OEM companies.

The stars of the event, of course, were the; iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max (what a name)…

But Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, the new 10.2-inch iPad, and the Apple Watch Series 5 also caught our attention.

So, without much Ado, let’s run through the top announcements.

1. 10.2-inch iPad

Apple upgraded 10.2-inch iPad
Apple Inc.
Alright, I vividly remember the craze 2018 iPad Pro brought with it; super thin at 5.9mm, flat rounded edges, the new liquid retina display was outta this world, the USB-C making life just easier and down Apple pencil to go with which was just super practical.

I think the 2019 iPad at 10.2-inch is such a fantastic device that I would even recommend the new slim-bezel monster to everyone who has the budget over the new iPhones…

But of course, you can always get the new iPhone if you are so inquisitive as to what the iPhone 11 lineup really feels like hands-on.

My only complaint on the iPad has only been on the proliferation of sizes on accessories as you get to spend just about much more as an upgrade becomes little ore expensive when having to replace them.

Pricing & Release Date

Overall, no much changes were anticipated as will always be the case for the laptops and iPhones but, for normals, the iPad cycles is one that just keeps giving!

Starting at $329 and ₦120,000, the 2019 upgraded iPad features many of Apple innovative tech and is available to order starting today and in stores starting Monday, September 30.

2. Apple Arcade and Apple Tv+

Image: Independent 
Unarguably the surprise in the bag not least with its public announcement but the pricing attached to it. 
The rumours have been making rounds on an Apple product competitor to Netflix, Disney series or even HBO but, everyone knows at $4.99, this doesn’t outrightly offer great value when you look at Apple TV+ content compared the very cheaper Netflix.

Offering a year free with any Apple product purchase also represents total genius!

It instantly gets Apple TV+ a massive audience and gives the service time to get people hooked. You also don’t need getting too excited about the one or two shows you get now during the free trial.
Coming November 1st, you also get a 7-day free trial on signup

Apple Arcade?

Apple launches Arcade game

Literally no opinion presently with no focus keynote I’m aware of but sure it represents something closer to Twitch. I guess a scenario ten million users get to watch some guy play fortnight game. I wouldn’t tell just yet!

Pricing & Release Date

Apple Tv+ is sure a real coup for streaming freaks at 4k and $4.99/₦1,900/month considering the rumoured pricing at $9.99 and would definitely get better over time. November 1st is the date.

3. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

First and foremost there has been a persistent call for an always-on display feature from Apple Watch users for the Apple Watch, so, pulling this off in the new Series 5 is a massive win but then that entails providing for longer battery life.

No amount of battery life ever provided for consumers can be publicly regarded as enough due to the varying degree of usage, but the new Watch uses two technical tricks to make it work on the Apple Watch Series 5.

First, auto-dimming – which was always obvious. Second, and less obviously, dynamically reducing the refresh rate, all the way down to 1Hz.

Having an always-on display would, indeed, be a huge bonus but likewise a distraction to some people (I wouldn’t call names). But this is a feature a lot of people want, and for which they’ve been waiting.

Just reminiscent of the Nubia Alpha smartwatch that thinks its a smartphone – I’m sure you would want to read that one.

The new titanium finish looks great, and the return of ceramic will please many and boost Apple’s ASP – something it will need after reducing the price of the cheapest iPhone in this year’s line-up.

Finally, including emergency international calling in the cellular model, with or without a plan, is a feature which will undoubtedly save lives say accident falling or even an accident.

Pricing & Release Date

You wouldn’t make a fuss considering they had to sell one of the cheapest iPhones ever in this year’s lineup but then, the Apple Watch Series 5 sells at a crazy price of $399, coverts to ₦145,000 Nigerian Naira and officially coming out on September 20.

4. iPhone 11| 11 Pro| 11 Pro Max

2019 iPhone 11 announcements
All along, Apple has always achieved a fantastic mix of design, price, and features – which would always just be enough to persuade many owners of older models to upgrade.

Amongst the ridiculously-named lineup, I would still talk about the base model iPhone 11 as it pretty much gives the features of what the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro offers.

iPhone 11 Specs, Features

  • A13 chip
  • Third-generation Neural Engine
  • Improved water resistance over the XR (though 2m against the Pro’s 4m)
  • P3 colour gamut and True Tone
  • The new ultra-wide lens (though not the telephoto)
  • Night mode
  • Brighter True Tone flash with Slow Sync
  • All Portrait Mode features
  • Smart HDR feature
  • All the video capabilities
  • 12MP front camera
  • Spatial audio playback
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby Vision
  • HDR10 support
All this lot and I bet even Apple struggled to come up with strong reasons to buy the Pro and the Pro Max variants!

iPhone 11 Review

The new camera features are a huge one, to say the least.

The 2019 iPhone made it one to talk about the camera alone asides little gimmicks added here-and-there and in all honesty, we are going to talk about just the camera.

The ultra-wide lens will no doubt be brilliant for both cityscapes and landscapes and if the new Night Mode works as well as it was shown off during the event, Apple may finally have made the iPhone the only camera worth trying te night mode option of.

The front-facing camera at 12MP is also a serious one with an option to allow simultaneous front and rear recording a big innovative feature. 
I have no idea how that would be beneficial in everyday life, being able to capture your reactions as you shoot video of an amazing location. But then, it might be one useful for interview and parents for sure would use that on their kids.
Add in the cinematic feel of being able to calibrate all the three rear-facing cameras for seamless switching between them, and it gets just interesting.
Asides that, the display is amazing always, the notch is still there with the increased battery-life also a worthy mention and no doubt a huge upgrade.

Pricing & Release Date

Obviously, the major spec that left the wild grin on our many faces. The base model iPhone 11 cost just $699 whilst the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max cost $999 and $1099 respectively.
That sure converts to ₦254,000 for the base model iPhone 11, ₦362,000 for the iPhone 11 pro and ₦399,000 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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The 2019 Apple iPhone Event was a huge success just as we had the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event and you coudnt help but belief a competition is brewing somewhere right now considering the many innovations already seen in the first quarter of the year.
There was no update on the MacBook which predicts another Apple event coming later before the end of the year. 
The 2019 iPhones will surely be up for order on major Nigerian outlets and malls after the pre-order dates elapse. Full review coming shortly on the iPhone 11.

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