April 17, 2024

It’s August which means we are truly past the halfway mark in 2019 with the second phase of the tech year and what best time to bring you another monthly episode of our top Android apps for April 2019 to scale up your Android experience without having to go farther than the Google Play Store.

PS: Missed our April Android application list? No worries, you might want to check it out!

The year 2019 has been quite a year of smartphone releases with many quite making the leap from just midrange to the top tier while there have been many bloopers along the way too.

In case you are looking at aking the right choice for your next smartphone from the first quarter of the year, you might want to check back at our clue list for the best and budget-friendly smartphones – you ain’t breaking any bank here!

We dropped by our Youtube friend Sam Beckman to curate the August edition of our amazing series. So, if you are looking to smartly increase your workflow and productivity while standing out in the crowd? Look no more than this list.

Shall we?

Top Android Apps August

  • Appy Weather – http://bit.ly/appweather
  • Easy DND – http://bit.ly/easyDND
  • LaunchBoard – http://bit.ly/launchboardapp
  • MIUI-ify – http://bit.ly/miuiify
  • Feed List – http://bit.ly/feedlistApp
  • Rotation – http://bit.ly/rotation1app
  • Skit – http://bit.ly/skitapp
  • Ruff – http://bit.ly/ruffapp


  • Remote Fingerprint Unlock http://bit.ly/remotefingerprint
  • F-Droid (To download DNS66)https://f-droid.org/en/

There it is!

You might want to fully check out Sam’s video for more in-depth descriptions and installation guide on the top Android apps for August.

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