April 11, 2024
Samsung galaxy screen break

This wasn’t the ideal scenario they so much anticipated when sending out up to 100 units of their folding devices to reviewers but hey, it’s happening — the Galaxy Fold screen is BREAKINGONEOWN.

Samsung made its latest innovative offering available for preorder to the public last week with the usual enthusiasm about a new product (not really) that quite ticks the boxes asides the enormous price tag it comes with though individuals now have room for a rethink as videos and images appear on the internet showing the screen breaking within days of use.

According to four different reports, Samsung’s $2,000 foldable phone, stopped working after a few days with the reason being that the screen at the heart of Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold phone, which literally folds in half, has been failing in testers’ hands within days.

American Youtuber, Marques Brownlee who thought it was a protective layer right on top the display where the two screens meet started pulling it off just like you would if you care to have a screen protector only to be met with a blackout.

I mean, not like your usual screen guard in most smartphones!

Several scenarios like this have plunged the fate of innovations down the drain with Apple Inc. being a recent point-of-casualty for 2019. Want a minor list of the tech devices that failed us having met the new product factor fate? Haaayaawayy!

1. Apple Airpower

Apple Airpower
Airpower is Apple’s proposed elusive wireless charging pad the product’s failure showcasing all the challenges of trying to invent new tech products that will come to stay.

Hardware is really hard!

The AirPower mat was Apple’s answer to hassles users encounter with charging up their iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPod earbuds rather than mess about with different chargers and cords by providing a single charging mat that users could place their devices onto and have them charge simultaneously.

Well, turns out AirPower was such a magical device that it disappeared altogether!

2. Flash Drive Smart Toys

Flash drive smart toy

Imagine a “toy” that can record sound, images and chat, which it can then upload to some server somewhere… What could possibly go wrong?

And smart toy company VTech learned that lesson back in 2015 when its data centre turned out not to be as secure as it hoped, and the data that its toys had been slurping up was made available to hackers. Terrible!

Who says children data are not worthwhile? Risk of ID theft if users were required to register personal information and clean credit history.

That alone sent the product crashing home.

3. Scoble Google Glass

Scoble shower glass
Scoble Google glass shower exhibition

Quite a similar scenario just like the Samsung Fold unfolding before us? Google’s new product was expected to be a hit but failed to live up to the hype testament to many issues.

At $1,500, the crazy tech faced issues with lack of applications and the creepy idea of how a head-mounted camera popped out of your face meant that it never really stood a chance.

What now for Samsung Fold?

We’re talking a bulky $2,000 device which Samsung expects the public to give their life away for yet couldn’t get it working in proper condition. Yeah, I know you, having an off day at Las Vegas, Nevada or Sailors Lounge in Lagos and parting away with ₦720,000,000

Izzii norrrrr you again?

Galaxy Fold screen break

The Galaxy Fold doesn’t go on sale in the US until April 26, maybe Samsung gets to figure out a solution real quick or are we seeing the demise of another promising new factor product?

The perfect tweet for Samsung PR’s right now…

Complaining that a 1st generation of a drastically new form factor product is “too expensive” “too ugly” or “not perfect” is the lowest level of analysis, no?

Love that Samsung is taking a chance. Almost nobody should actually buy it. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be made🤓 pic.twitter.com/iVboK93aWM

— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) April 17, 2019

This might just be a minor blip for Samsung in their quest to redefine the mobile market with their innovative product – who doesn’t experience one.

However, the jury might be out now to only see how they(Samsung)  react to it but the pressure will so much rest on other OEM’s with smartphone folding devices on the way.

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