April 10, 2024

It started with an “April Fool Bout Session” with that partly the reason we got to delay our best Android app clues for the month of April till now, but well, we are over it now.

It’s another edition of unique, very clever and very brilliant Android apps for April 2019 to scale up your Android experience without having to go farther than the Google Play Store though totally hidden gems which many of which you are unlikely to have heard of.

PS: Our March Android application clue list was a ‘HIT’, you might want to check it out!

The year 2019 might be making all the headlines for 5G connectivity tech buzz and amazing smartphone releases but how about the Android apps that deliver the premium experience you can ever get using them? So, are you looking to smartly increase your workflow and productivity while standing out in the crowd? Look no more than this list.
Shall we?


Insta Story filters

Insta Story is the perfect app for those that want to spruce up their Instagram Stories a little. The app allows you to choose from a range of templates and effects, choose photos and videos to add to your Story, and more.

The app is also pretty easy to use and navigate which is always helpful and makes updating your Instagram stories much-added fun-fare.

MNML Screen Recorder

Minimal Screen recorder for Android

A feature the Android Operating system has been missing till date is having a screen recording function built in natively but you don’t have to wait anymore to satisfy this need as an Android application by name – MNML just ticks all the boxes.

Minimal Screen Recorder aka, MNML, is a clean and simple screen recording application to take your recording experience to another level and all you get is a “Big-Fat” button to get going on your Android device.
**My favourite feature, the 3-2-1 countdown it has whenever you hit the ‘RECORD” button which just gives ample time to be present on the screen you intend to record.


Lessphone launcher for Android

Do you want to see less of everything on your smartphone — from App to notification drawers on your Android device? LessPhone launcher takes away all that and just gives you the ‘basics’

Similar to Ultra-Power saving mode in some smartphones, this launcher works by eliminating everything on your smartphone leaving you with just a dialer, the messaging app and of course Google maps in case you lose your way.
You have the flexibility to customise and adjust the basic apps you can get by using the setting menu on the launcher.


Foo View Android Launcher

The amount of time and numbers you spend each day swiping through the app drawer on your smartphone in search of that app you looking for is quite endless and can be draining sometimes? Can you give me the numbers…

That’s why an app that is designed to help you up to your productivity a notch while utilising your best time for something else is one called – FOO VIEW.
The app is basically a floating button that lets you perform any custom action or help you launch into any application of choice without having to go through your Android app drawer anymore. You also get to use screen draw/type gestures when typing letters instead of the native smartphone key buttons.


Feedster Android Apk

We all have this habit of continuously scrolling through our newsfeeds every single day between different apps whether it is on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter — no problem with that, however, the problem is, you have to always close and open each app to open different newsfeeds.

**What if they were all integrated into one app to give you all the updates in one place? I mean, you literally don’t want to be the last person to see any of Trillionclues tech updates when it drops.

The Feedster Android app has come to fill all the space and solve a problem which app developers never have thought about when making feed apps for you albeit in a more unique and simple way without breaking a sweat.

Once you install the app, you get to sign in to all the feeds you’d like to access through the Feedster app and Boom! you have an endless list of feeds available to you just like in the original app and you also get to interact with the in same way as in the original app — one word for Facebook “Ha-Ha” freaks.

You also get to customize how you really want your feed to look like but if you really want to scale up your experience on Feedster, you definitely should be getting the premium version.


Creative homescreen wallpaper app

Hardcore wallpaper personalisation freaks, we’ve heard about them a lot but creative for me is just something beyond our regular wallpaper applications.

The App is a one-stop shop for not just wallpapers but also ringtones and amazing home screen setups — yeah you heard me right, amazing home screen setups all in one app.

Coming to the app home screen you have a lot of comic style wallpapers to chose from with a whole lot of superheroes kinds of stuff and chances are if you’re a Marvel fan, well, look no further than this. Other than that, you also get loads of ringtones to chose from.

The real catch though is the home screen setup provided by the community and the amazing thing about being CREATIVE is that you can open up a particular home screen wallpaper and see all the apps used in styling up the home screen.

A definitely must-have app for you!


KLWP Android App 2019

KLWP, as it is officially known, is a very quick way to download or even build your own amazing live wallpapers with the most exciting feature being the addition of a very unique widget or visual indicator which they call “komponents” whenever you are editing any wallpaper.

Whether it is motion text or dynamic looking images, KLWp gives you an amazing experience to create that first wallpaper of yours.


Unapp android app

You just cannot have tons of Android applications you don’t often use and still keep them in your smartphone that’s why UN APP gives you the flexibility to purge Android applications you don’t see yourself using anymore — and it quite does the job perfectly.

All you have to do is, scroll through the list of installed applications on your smartphone and check the uninstall button, the app then triggers the process for each of the applications selected though you still have to confirm the uninstall for each app.

PS: Way better than the native Android uninstall process by a mile!


Drippler Android app 2019

Drippler is an amazing ‘suggestion-based’ application that basically takes your phone, accesses it and presents to you a feed filled with app recommendations and articles designed to improve your smartphone experience.

Looking for some way to get over Trillionclues android Application delay for each month? Then, this is your call, but I know you don’t want to do that.

With a clean design and UI, this might not be your regular aggregator news apps you easily see around but definitely one you should give a try.


Action Dash Digital-wellbeing app

A new third-party app for the “digital wellbeing” of your smartphone and helps provides you with an understanding of how often you use different applications on your Android device to scale up/back on your usage.

All the usual suspects like the number of notifications you’ve received so far in the month of April — from any specific app to total app launches you made during work break hours. A super useful app to get.

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