April 25, 2024
Google’s fantastic sounding launch of Google Stadia, a new addition to their chunky range of projects under Alphabet, promises to shift gaming to the cloud.

Google Stadia possess questions

An exciting proposition: play games anywhere, from any platform that has a Google Chrome browser which is just about every device you own, including directly on your TV via Chromecast, fast enough connection to handle the data requirements. Initial 60FPS, 4K, with Google hoping to stretch it up to 8K, 120fps streaming in time.

**Crazy and massive at the same time.

But the problem is – Google doesn’t yet have the content for Stadia!

As much as serious game and project launches go, Google should definitely be announcing a single blockbuster game – Fortnite, PUBG, or Apex Legends, or something like Red Dead Redemption 2 that can run on any platform instead, the pitch was an encouragement to developers and public at large to create content for their new project.

Quite a big problem that is but the bigger picture we looked in at five(5) definite happenings were Google to release the Stadia for public access.

More Youtube Users…Yet

As much as users of the second largest search engine go – the introduction of Youtube as a leeway to connecting to Google Stadia might just skyrocket that figure to a whole new high.

More Youtube users

During Stadia launch, Google explained the possibility of engaging in a game series through a Youtube video without actually having to install the game.

Steem and Twitch brought with it, capabilities to stream gamers by creating an account and following your favourite gamer but Google Stadia might just be raising the bar a little bit higher.

**What’s left to say?

There are over 1.9bn logged in monthly users and we might as well bet that figure isn’t staying same after Stadia’s goes up for public release.

Massive Decline in Live Game Attendance

Every time the question has been posed, the answer has come back even more

Five things that will happen- Live game attendance

As mobile gaming gains more popularity the same can’t be said of individuals going to live games. With individuals now preferring to either stream the match or just go through highlights after the match, the assumption is that people are now getting hogged with their PC or mobile all day.

Match sponsors are grudgingly striking renewal deals acknowledging the fact that the unthinkable might just be happening anytime soon.

Google stadia promises to allow you access to numerous games from the Stadia database without breaking a sweat, now brings the question why I would be involved in traffic jams and pay a living out of my wallets to watch UEFA night Champions League games.

Stadia is a promising adventure no doubt, but it sure would kickstart a whole revolution in the gaming industry just yet.

The “Controller Fest”

Five things that will happen - controller fest

Whilst the majority of companies like Xbox might be sweating already about the potential market cut, a vast majority of game controller manufacture might just be experiencing a new dawn.

Google announced the launch of its own official controller for Stadia usage with the most striking feature being its ability to connect to Google servers through a Wifi support push button.

That wouldn’t deter Shenzhen FreeShare Technology as this means a huge upturn in controller demands for individuals that just cannot get their hands on Google’s own official gaming controller.

**One man’s meat they say is another man’s poison

No need for (physical) Multiplayer Gamers

Five things that will happen - multigae

Recall those days(and even now) you would also brag and poke fun at friends you’ve beaten with ridiculous scorelines in FIFA19? Brace up now buddy cos’ you just might not be meeting amateurs anymore.

During Google Stadia showoff, there was a session presented a basketball session through Stadia with individuals waiting for turns to take on respective scoreboard leaders.

What this means is that multiplayer games in Stadia will see you facing geeks and nerd gamers over the internet who you very much don’t know what level of skillset they possess.

This is a very welcome feature if you ask me as you no longer have to cross borders continuous visits to a game house to be locked in on multiplayer.

A Cheeky Welcome for 5G

This should definitely have a hearing if ever Google Stadia is going to be a thing of actualisation or just one of their near-there projects.

Google Stadia on 5g

Much has been made of the innovation that would bring blistering fast internet/cloud speeds, make our workloads easier and help in the easy and stressfree transmission of data.

With many OEM’s already putting in place 5g-supportive tech gadgets like 8k on 5G TV’s, numerous 5G smartphones and landmark autonomous and self-driving vehicles, the world is definitely set in anticipation of the public whistle.

Google promises a maximum time frame of five(5) seconds to connect to any game of choice from their server but the truth is, if Stadia is to function effectively, it would be needing something closer to blistering internet speeds for a premium gaming experience.

Imagine playing just the very last mission on Red Dead Redemption and you see this…

The 5G system is no longer a myth neither has it come to public use but Google Stadia will definitely be asking questions, why not the worldwide integration already?


Introduced with the sole objective of replacing the hefty, pricey, altogether confounding experience of buying and using various gaming hardware, Google Stadia has more questions to answer before public release.

Is Stadia an encouraging innovation? Yes, definitely. However, those are my forecast for probable happenings were Google finally releases the Stadia platform to the public and I would love to hear yours too.

PS: All Stock Photos by Mattew Henry from Burst

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