April 17, 2024
Screen Recording software Mac and PC 2019
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Have you ever found yourself in that awkward moment where you need to record something occurring on your PC/Mac, possibly an online webinar, a YouTube streaming video, an application window to show it to a programmer or even that in-game-defining moment you might want to show off to your pals? What do you do?

Well, this post came up as a result of my plight on Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005) edition couple of days ago. Having slow but steadily walked up my way up the Blacklist Racers and beating “RAZOR”, the number one Blacklist racer in Rockport, I was faced with the last job of evading the last set of cops which I successfully did at the 15th time of trying.

Unarguably a defining moment for me. I went searching on my PC for any available screen recorder to record such moment, Alas! there’s was one- VSDC Free Recorder!

Utter shame this app doesn’t record activity screens, just my desktop. Poor day! Tried my hands on couple other software and was met with the same fate. I gave up!

So, I know you’re somewhere and wondering which screen recorder you should use on your PC/Mac to record that moment, you are in the right place. You will need a screen recorder and not just a recorder, one that can successfully record in-activity screens, capture the video, the system audio, even the webcam and the mic at the same time.

I decided to group this list into free and paid recording software, arguably the best you can get around so as not to miss recording that moment.

Best Free Windows/Mac Screen Recorders [2019]

Open Broadcaster (OBS)

OBS Screen Recorder 2019

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS as it’s called is still probably the overall best free screen recorder you can get around today. PS: I stand to be proven wrong!

It is a free and open source screen recorder available on Windows, Mac and Linux that can be used for live streaming but also functions as a screen recorder.

It provides the basic features of the real-time source and device capture, scene composition, encoding, recording and broadcasting, hotkeys to speed up the recording process and even goes out of its way to support a variety of plugins to further enhance its functionalities.

With OBS you can record anything from your full desktop, gameplay footage, webcam and even specific program windows in 720p to 4K. You also get to overlay your webcam and apply graphics, images, text and even looping audio or video files.

OBS Features

➕ Has no ads, spyware, tracking, watermarks or time limits.

➕ Unlimited number of scenes and sources
➕ File output to MP4 or MOV
➖ Consumes a bit too much computer resources and can be laggy
➖ Somewhat difficult to setup for a beginner

oCam Screen Recorder

oCam Screen Recorder 2019

Developed by OhSoft for Windows only, oCam allows individuals capture scenes from their PC/Mac screen activity for personal use although If you want to use oCam screen recorder for a commercial purpose you need to pay for a license.

With oCam you can record gaming and desktop footage, as well as a selected area on your screen. You can record 720p, 1080p and 4K footage at 60fps. The recording area can also be adjusted manually in addition to the preset settings. Additionally its also possible to record audio only and export as MP3 and other formats.

Although with no pre-watermark feature, it has mouse cursor highlighting and click effects, and you can add your own personal watermarks to your videos.

oCam Features

➕ Supports MOV, MP4, MKV, WMV video output formats
➕ Does not have any spyware, watermarks or time limits for recording
➖ Supports Ad display
➖ Windows only


QuickTime Screen Recorder 2019

Having mentioned a Windows-only recording software, we have an only-mac coming through which is the QuickTime software.

It is an extensible multimedia outline work that is produced by Mac and even handles different organizations of digital video, picture sound, panoramic image and interactivity. QuickTime screen recorder makes use of onscreen controls which are similar to a CD or DVD player for better user navigation.

However, QuickTime is not officially available anymore for Windows 10, as Apple stopped support for Windows back in January 2016. While QuickTime is not supported officially anymore, it is still possible to install QuickTime on devices running Windows 10 or older versions of Windows.

QuickTime Features:

➕ Best support for online streaming experience
➖ Supports a small and attractive interface
➖ Limited recording and editing functionality

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder 2019

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a free yet best screen recorder for PC and Mac. One can even pause and resume while recording so that you can control the recording contents flexibly. It also supports recording the audio from microphones and syncs the audio to the screencasts.

Apowersoft Features

➕ Ultra simple recording with a few clicks
➕ Flexible screen capture lets you do you want
➕ It can schedule up tasks that automatically record for you

CamStudio Recorder

Camstudio Screen Recorder 2019

CamStudio is a world-known screen recorder which enjoys a large number of users all over the world with the application permanently free and can help people to record HD quality videos.

Upon its simple interface, you can customize the output format you prefer (AVI, MP4 and SWF) and edit some annotations.

CamStudio Features

➕ Ability to redirect at end of a video to any URL (great for demos and more)
➕ Extremely easy to use making it user-friendly for beginners
➖ Can’t edit video directly in the program
➖ Not Free…but the free Version doesn’t come with all the add on tutorials

Best Paid Widows/Mac Screen Recorders [2019]


ActivePresenter Softwaare 2019

Available on both Windows and Mac, ActivePresenter is a great screen recorder that includes all the tools that are needed to record the screens, edit screencast videos and create interactive e-Learning courses for Mac. It also adds webcam recording and green screen effect features.

ActivePresenter Features:

➕ Full motion recording is best
➕ Smart and supports annotations use
➕ Configurable hotkeys for shortcuts and quick worktime

➖ the free version leaves a watermark on recorded scenes


Capto recording software is exclusively developed for Mac.

Capto Recording Software 2019
A bigger yet better Mac screen utility which allows you to easily record your screen, alter recordings and pictures at ease to enhance the content and share it with the world. Capto is perfect for teachers, students and creative professionals and anyone in need of a powerful, yet easy-to-use screen capture tool.

Capto Features:

➕ Tutorial video making with cursor effects, arrows and texts
➕ Take screenshots during the recording process and save it to your computer

➕ Intuitive video editing suite


Cloudapp screen/gif software 2019

CloudApp is a Windows/Mac screenshot editing and video screen recording software. It supports individual capabilities to record anything on your screen and capture it into an image, a GIF, and a high video.

You get to edit screenshot and video recordings and directly share to social accounts.

CloudApp Features

➕ Annotations at its best
➕ Integrated File sharing
➖ Inability to chose default copy type after a screenshot, video or GIF

Camtasia Studio

What can this software not do in the field of screen recoding? 

Camtasia Screen Recorder 2019
Produce videos for the web using the industry-leading H.264 format. No tweaks or technospeak, just sparkling HD-quality video with compact file sizes with support for built-in editor suite.
For sure I’ll leave it without a definitive feature as it unarguably checks every box for your screenshot, recording and editing tasks.


Unarguably the best Windows/Mac screen activity recording software in the market in some way. If you are working on a budget, these free recording software are a good bet but bear in mind when you go for Mac or Windows free screen recorder, keep in mind, many of them come with time-limited recording, or some features will be missing. 

Also, some of the screen recording software listed above also has the video editing tools which allows you to cut and remove unwanted parts, add callouts and annotations and customization to taste.

So, what PC/Android Screen recorder are you using and feels should definitely be on this list? What other lists like this would you love to see in the future? Drop them in the comment section. 

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