April 16, 2024
Brilliant Android Apps for 2019(1)

It’s March 2019, welcome to my top unique, very clever and very brilliant Android apps of 2019 to scale up your Android experience without having to go farther than the Google Play Store though totally hidden gems which many of which you are unlikely to have heard of.

With so many Android apps already flying off the developer shelves, I sure deemed this few to already be my top Android apps so far for the year partly due to their importance in my workflow and total Android experience at large.
Shall we?


Brilliant Android apps 2019(15)

This app is seriously one of its kind. Basically, when you load a photo into it, takes out all the colours and splits it into its components and then lets you add back your favourite colour of choice which you might want to retain.

This app is unique for example you want to make a highlight of the foreground or background colours, remove one particular colour in the photo without having to take a new picture all over again


You probably have started hearing a lot of news about Augmented Reality – how you can make image and particles come alive with individuals very much seeing it the future and one of the very ways to experience this on Android is the use of Safari Central.

Brilliant Android apps 2019(13)

A simple application that gives you a set of six (6) different animals to pick from and you get to make any of them appear in your environment by introducing a trigger. 
Works perfectly with your smartphone camera, you just have to select the animal and pull a secondary image under your camera to execute the trigger option.

A definite must-have especially for the *show-offs

Brilliant Android apps 2019(14)


This app gives you the ability to use your smartphone through in-built app sensors map out the dimensions of any real-life object or environment.

Brilliant Android apps 2019 (12)

All you have to do is run the app, place your smartphone to a particular object space or surface, tap the measure button and then move it to the end of that surface and then it would complete the measurement for you.

Pretty much useful for students in measurement classes, you not only play smart but help make your measurement work a bit easier. Still a work in progress though but generally it’s pretty accurate.


Google’s updated AR Core is another measurement app that gives you the ability to pretty accurately measure real-world objects and also at the same time being able to represent them in 3-dimensions.

Brilliant Android apps 2019(11)

The app is a brilliant and handy one as you can use it to calculate how big your room is and how your carpet and general furniture would fit in it.
You don’t have to be a Pro in building and measurement to be able to use this app. Just get it on your Android device and you are good to go.


Brilliant Android apps 2019(10)

For some time now, all we do when we find a website page we never want to let go, just bookmark it to our smartphone browser. How about an app that takes that process up a bit.

INBOXIT is an Android app for saving web pages for later usage with all the usual features of bookmarking and generally adding them to a list, however, there’s a catch

When you share any page with this app, say to yourself, they email you a copy which pretty much comes in a neatly arranged format. Guess the developers are on the move to help you store up a priority web page or just that giveaway link you don’t want to miss. 

You just get everything in one place, in your inbox.


Android is definitely not short of note-taking apps with your smartphone already coming with a default version usually named “NOTES” which I’ve always got problems with like its maximum note slides of 30 (thirty) or its 200-word maximum word-count.

Brilliant Android apps 2019(9)

Step in IDEA NOTE, the best you could ever lay your hands on an Android. You get all the basic features like getting to organise and sort your notes into categories, attaching labels to them and there’s a pro catch coming up with it too.

Residing just at the top right corner of the screen of your smartphone, you can bring it up on top of whatever activity you are doing on your phone at any point in time. You can make voice notes recordings too, cross off notes on tasks you’ve completed at the end of the day with y favourite feature being able to lock the notes. 

So, if you’re up to something sensitive, you can lock it up using a PIN or the fingerprint sensor option.

**Never knew taking notes is this fun!

Brilliant Android apps 2019 (8)


Much has been made of GIf’s like they have almost become an essential part of our social life, if you ain’t using them fun messages, you are employing them to make your point understood.

Brilliant Android apps 2019 (7)

However, Morphin is an Android app that is about to turn the dimension and your experience of GIF’s in a more personal and conservative way.

You basically just take photos of yourself, scroll through tons of GIF’s library pre-stored on the app and find your favourite, then the app will super-impose your face unto the face or activity going on in that particular choosing GIF.

A more convenient, piracy and image right free way to create personal GIF’s in seconds.

**You sure will feel like a Pro already after making your first GIF on Morphin. Go check it out!

PS: Seems like a lot of people are having trouble getting Morphin to work on their devices – it worked on both phones that I tried it on, but fair warning it may not work on yours.


Brilliant Android apps 2019(6)

Now you sure must be thinking about an online mall where you pay to get access to some premium soundtracks, you are not far from the real deal but, “White Noise Market” Android app is just more than that.

Apparently, WHITE NOISE MARKET Android app is more like an online forum where users submit different suiting apps they have heard in any environment in the world for sharable and tranquillity purposes.

Which means that you can reach out to any particular location on the app and listen to any available sound from that location. If you are smart enough, you can get out of your way to pre-save or download each sound in case you care to reference them later.


Sometimes searching using only keywords just is not the best way to find or look up something easily especially when you mistakenly lost the wording for a particular gaming chair or tech gadget you stumbled on the web or on social media.

Brilliant Android apps 2019(4)

Research image search Android app as the name suggests will so helpfully allow you to alleviate those situations by making searches using that image you screenshotted somewhere on the web.

Now the only requirement is to have the image saved on your smartphone, so all you have to do is open up the application on your device, select the particular photo and you are presented with a Google search page curated based on information relating to that image.

A very handy app if you ask me which sure will be of importance on more than one occasion as it comes with an inbuilt camera option to also take live photos and query Google about it.
Brilliant Android apps 2019(5)

**Am sure recommending this one!


Do you see this list go away without no gaming app on it then you sure failed with your guess because what better experience on Android than a better game to go? None.

**Just don’t ask me if it is a new version of Candy Crush (no offences)

Brilliant Android Apps 2019(2)

VOI for Android is a very neat minimalistic game that brings a fresh perspective to your view of tinkering/puzzle games. Simple in its design probably going to save you a few percentages of your battery due to its black and white gameplay colour design.

You are presented with a unique shape object which you then have to recreate using the allocated shapes below. Like most games, it starts off relatively simple and then gets super-hell difficult as the game progresses.

**Yeah, I passed LEVEL 1 though!

Brilliant Android Apps 2019(3)

The music and the sounds effects will surely relax and get you in the mood and if you’re looking for some time to burn, this game is a sure option to go for.


Which of your favourite Android Apps made this list and which do you think deserves to be on our Brilliant Android Apps for 2019 so far? Drop it in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post if you find it interesting or think it might help a friend out in his daily Android usage and workflow.

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