April 10, 2024
Video editing on Android has never been easy but looks like Adobe might be coming in with a bit of helping hand albeit to only Galaxy users.
Good news, Galaxy S10 lovers and more importantly to the Android Ecosystem at large…Having announced its new Galaxy range of new smartphones a couple weeks ago, Samsung also declared a new partnership, together with Adobe. 
Adobe Premiere Android for Galaxy s10
The deal will bring us, the consumers, a version of Adobe Premiere Rush for Android, which although at the time of this writing sounded like it would be exclusive to Samsung devices, at least for a limited time.

It’s well documented that Android as an Ecosystem has had huge issues with availability to several possibilities existing on iOS partly due to many OEM’s all adopting many custom versions of the popular OS. So, in view to make sure they have a trace and keep their app in the right place, Adobe Inc. has made the app exclusive to iOS devices for some time now.
A little throwback if you remember, there was a time “Audio Drivers” never existed or had any possibility of running on any hardware running the Android operating system. In contrast, iOS was rich on choice of software and hardware for the field.

Fast forward, Samsung developed its own “Professional Audio Driver”, which ran automatically as soon as you plugged an audio interface in a Galaxy Note 4. Then went ahead to launch its own Bandcamp app, which is basically its answer to Apple’s GarageBand. 
Also worth noting, Fortnight was almost running globally before it had to make an appearance on Android and we are now like…
Adobe Rush for Android
What do we have here today, there’s audio hardware being developed for all types of Android smartphones irrespective of the range.

Bridging the Android/iOS gap?

Apple might be a saviour at one end and equally a prison at the other as it has predominantly been the go-to-guy OS for the “creatives” and the “artistic users” with equally tons of software to chose from any purposed field. Even on the mobile platform that is iOS, you’ve got image manipulation apps, synthesizers and DAWs for the musicians, video editing apps, and other specialized software. 

Look away now Android Believers…as things get very very well limited here with possibly alternative apps nowhere near as polished.
*Android users right naww…

Adobe Rush on Android1
Video editors on Android you name them; Filmora, VivaVideo, etc are most times wacky, limited in what they can do, and straight up annoying with most of them containing ads that always get in the way with your project without getting the Pro version, while on an iPhone, straight up you get your professional, elegant and fun-looking video out at a snap with minimal to no difficulty at all.

No doubt, you get to make great clips on your PC but sometimes you need to do a quick video from a smartphone say a comedy skirt, vlog update, a flashy story post, a clip to share with your friends, Instagram post without getting that big and distracting “Made with Viva video by the side.
Adobe might just be a lifesaver as the most neglected feature since the launch of the Galaxy S10 smartphone range might just be the availability of Adobe Premiere Rush to Android.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Rush on Galaxy S10
Adobe Premiere Rush Android Workflow
Search on your Android device other than a Galaxy and you would never see a trace of it on the Google Playstore. A multi-platform app, which lets you work on a project from multiple devices, including on your phone.
The app is pretty much the premium version of everything you have been getting on Android till now with many useful kinds of stuff ranging from; multi-track video layers, basic audio edits, trimming and rearranging painlessly, with more to come down the line. 
Just think of it as your full PC project in hand with your work been uploaded to the cloud where you can pick up on PC and continue from where you left off on your phone.

Adobe Premiere Rush might only be exclusive to Samsung devices for a couple of months, before opening up to other Android flagships across the ecosystem but it sure has the serious chance to be the best video editor available for Android when it starts shipping on Samsung Galaxy S10 devices.

Though it remains to be seen how Adobe would want to keep it exclusive to just one family of phones for a long time, however, OEM companies always have a way to get around any obstacle just to get their consumers satisfied since the platform is a very open one.


Granted, the Android ecosystem is not as rich as it is on iOS, and the argument may as well rumble on maybe in the foreseeable future over which is better – the Android or the iOS community, but the choice is still there.
Adobe Premiere Rush for Android

Adobe Premiere Rush for Android promises many positives which mean; no more switching between 5 different apps because each of them can do that one thing that the others can’t, no more relying on automatic apps that “use AI” to make a quick collage of your vacation videos. Adobe has even said that keyframe editing is on the roadmap for Premiere Rush development, a very first were it to make an appearance on an Android.
Many questions linger and even more arise over suspicions of helping Samsung generate more market audience where Adobe to make the Adobe Premiere Rush exclusive to Galaxy devices alone and for now, we all at arms akimbo.
What do you make of Samsung collaboration with Adobe to bring this exciting new feature to Android? Drop it in the OTHER ROOM (comment)

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