April 10, 2024
Apple folding phone patent

In the land of smartphone flagships and in the era of folding phones, the authenticity of the competition rest on the big hitters being able to show off their creative sides and Apple never one to back down from the challenge is reportedly working on a foldable iPhone.

Despite making rounds with news of slash and loss in stock market and news of iPhone sales rejection in certain countries, 2019 promises to be a year of redemption and with the image leaks courtesy of LetsGoDigital, these new concept images have got me feeling very excited about what Apple will bring to the table as a definite competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold

While the iPhone 11 is set to arrive in 2019, along with a whole host of foldable Android phones, some already making rounds at the Mobile World Congress (MWC2019), LetsGODigital reports that we may have to wait until next year to see the foldable iPhone in its full glory.

Early Specs.

The official Apple patent talks about a clamshell foldable iPhone where the fold sits across the horizontal centre of the display thereby allowing a dual hinge kind of fold that allows the phone to be folded both inwardly and outwardly also. A sure standout as it gives you the freedom to fold away to protect the screen, or out to prop it up for hands-free viewing, of half the screen at least.

The camera is to sit at the top of the phone forming a kind screen-edge notch. With rumours suggesting Apple will do away with its current Lightning connector in favour of USB-C for 2020 phones, as already available in their 2019 iPad Pro which am a cool fan, the same feature is to be expected on the foldable iPhone also, meaning super fast charging.
*Who doesn’t love that!
USB-C fast charging
Image: Me.Me
LetsGoDigital reports that Apples’ foldable iPhone could be available for launch alongside its iPhone 12 which is expected to arrive at the usual Apple annual release cycle in September 2020.

Early Verdict

Pretty flexible design in those colours if you ask me, could also be a nice way to screen share with a person sitting opposite you on a table. We also look forward to how Apple will handle the screen pixels at the point where the screen folds, however, you should note this is mere speculation as the design could never actually make it from sketch to reality.

Elsewhere, trailblazers, Samsung last week sent the tech world in overdrive with the launch of its latest Galaxy S10 flagship as well as the Samsung folding phone at its event in San Francisco comes with pretty much everything we expected from the leaks.

At 7.3″ Infinity Flex display with a 4.6″ cover display packing a 12GB RAM and 4370mAh battery to go, the question no longer lingers on if we could possibly get a folding phone on our hands but who actually is going to make the better and consumer-friendly fold, not albeit with the big hitters like the iOS industry and the promise of the Huawei Mate X to come.

What do you make of Apple 2022 projected folding phone patent? Could it yet grace the screens and eventually be up for a full review in 2022 or am I just being over-curious? Let us talk it down in the OTHER ROOM.

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