April 12, 2024
The day we have all been waiting for; the pinnacle of what looks to be a concrete move by the giant Chinese company to cement their authority in the midst of foldable, rollable and entire smartphone competition; we have the Samsung Galaxy S10 date confirmed.

Galaxy S10 unpack event

With reports coming in today from an animation shared on Samsung’s Twitter account about the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S10, we now have official confirmation straight from the source. February 20th is the date!

With rumours stating the idea of thin bezels in the near future for our smartphones, Samsung Galaxy 10 Unpack leaves little to be expected with the invite image highlighting the slightly curved edge of a purple phone, but that’s as little as you would get from the short animation.

While the Galaxy S10 launch will no doubt draw admirers from the OEM’s showcase of the tenth edition of its flagship phone, the big Chinese phone manufacturers could also take up the advantage of showcasing its other fabled and expected products.

Samsung very first folding phone as promised at its Developer Conference in November and been rumoured for almost a decade, will also be in for a show-off at the launch event but no clear idea the device will get a full launch at that time.

The Galaxy F is another device that will make an appearing at the event through the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are a total certainty.

[featured] Samsung Folding phone

WIth many of the company’s devices expected for showcase during their MWC 2019 scheduled for February 25 in Barcelona, looks like public demand and reasons are best known to them for this change in plans has really brought the widely anticipated launch of the S10 forward.

No doubt the event in Barcelona will still go through though, with confirmation also of their 5G flagship folding phone in a Twitter video, go get your wallets checked up then!

With invitations already sent out for the Galaxy Unpacked event, get your bags packed up for an event set for Wednesday, February 20, 2019, in San Francisco, one that surely will revolutionalize the way we see and use Smartphones.

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