April 11, 2024
Can we now say 2019 is the year of the folding phone concept? Nah, some parties still don’t agree yet.
5G folding phone concept
It was just a couple weeks ago that Xiaomi Corporation announced that it is building a folding phone which will feature a double folding technique and Visionex AMOLED Panels.

Huawei, therefore, moved in quick response of their own folding phone promise in October 2018 by confirming in a tweet that it was developing a 5G foldable phone concept with quite different specs compared to what we already seen in other OEM’s concept phones.

The 3D images rumoured to have been created by Dutch site LetsGoDigital, which has based the renders on leaks and rumours surrounding the new handset and with the 5G connectivity variant coming alongside, Samsung might be in for some last-ditch actions.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy F, expected to make an appearance at the companies Galaxy S10 Unpack event, Huawei showcases an image which has the folding screen on the inside of the screen while also featuring the folding screen on the outside.

In terms of a name, LetsGoDigital points out that Huawei submitted a series of trademark applications for the model names Mate Flex, Mate Flexi, Mate Fold and Mate F at the end of last year, so it could well end up taking one of those.
The Huawei 5G folding phone pricing still remains a mystery due partly due to its recent teaser, but definitely should be way upwards $2000.
The Chinese Consumer manufacturer will look to “Connect the future of its smartphones at the MWC 2019, which runs in Barcelona from Monday 25 February to Thursday 28 February. Indeed, we could also see it announced alongside the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro.
Huawei announces folding phone launch
Image: AndroidCommunity
Well, If Huawei indeed does choose to announce its folding phone at MWC, no doubt it’ll be up against very stiff competition. Here are the other folding phones that we’re hearing are also gearing up for a public launch this year:

  • Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy Fold
  • Motorola folding phone (unnamed yet)
  • Motorola Razr 2019
  • Xiaomi MIX Flex
  • LG Bendi

With Huawei having moved a step ahead with announcing the date for its folding phone concept, Samsung would really not take it lightly and might be drawn to show off its folding phone even in its finished form at that event, you can be sure it’s rushing to include it now that it’s seen what Huawei is planning for just four days later.

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