April 17, 2024
The yearly Consumer Electronic show, CES 2019, has come and gone but the story that sure remains on peoples lips are the many tech-novations on show-off with arguably the biggest of all being the move to Next-generation Network – the 5G.

Qualcomm 5G tech

It’s public knowledge that 5G is all about this blistering fast internet/cloud speeds, just like in the 4G (LTE/WiMax), 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM) systems. But, are they really that fast? Digital Trends has a breakdown to that.

With daily life going cloud-wise and internet security becoming a scratching issue to a bald head, we look at five (5) strategies the Next-Gen network will seek to redress daily living.

More of Real-time AR/VR/MR

5G realtime AR

Many of the lot was on show at CES 2019 with Belgian company Mimesys showing-off their 5G-enabled holographic remote collaboration using Magic Leap’s mixed reality headsets (and also some awesome holographic business cards).

AT&T also reaffirmed it plans to launch of a 5G zone on the Magic Leap campus in Plantation, Florida, during 2019.

Think about more of cloud gaming without shifting an inch!

It says that 5G connectivity will give developers and creators the ability to test devices and applications on a 5G network and ‘create the future of entertainment.’

No doubt, 5G will affect the way we see real-time augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality and the rest.

8K on 5G TVs? And am still in Planet Earth

How would you like your 8K TV with 5G connectivity at home? Nah, cos’ it’s not gonn’ be for now.

LG rollable TV

Lots of up-and-down slider-tech withTV’ companies all affirmed to 8K’s that will support the future move to the 5G network will Sharp being the standout.

The Japanese multinational cooperation is been rumoured to already “have 8K camcorders that can film, encode, and then transit via a 5G system” according to Atsushi Shirakawa, Researcher at Sharp’s Telecommunication and Image Technology Laboratories.

Probably one to be used for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which the company promises it will broadcast in 8K by NHK.

Broadband connections without cables

Want a super-fast broadband connection? Get a fibre optic cable underneath the road. But why don’t we go big yet by getting rid of the cables and adopt 5G? Unarguably a big one.

Cable-less connection
While it is difficult to get a good infrastructure that can offer fast connections cum the fibre optic cable, 5G might just change the whole perspective by getting rid of the cables.

5G promises to get rid of the need to physically connect a home or an office to a cable running down the street but also makes huge plants and factories cable-free.

“That’s a lot of why some of our enterprise customers have been knocking on our doors asking about 5G because they see it as a way to not have to wire their facilities,” said Alicia Abella, VP of Advanced Technology Realization at AT&T.

Secure Approach to Home Security

Home security
How much does it cost to get a home security camera? Probably extra bucks. With our world currently made up with alternatives to unarguably everything the advent of 5G wouldn’t possibly eradicate the need for cameras but will sure ensure fast and a more secure approach to home security.
The onus now falls on the home security companies to up the ant with developing systems that can detect, send and receive cloud info at a crazy speed with which the 5G comes with.
What more, our smartphones are also gonn’ change, with the possibility of plastic smartphones that will support the 5G evolution.
Your Home security apps will also require a makeover with the need for possible cloud support on storing security data online.

Autonomous/Self-driving cars in our cities

We don’t want to drive our cars by ourselves anymore. We want to save time spent in sitting at the steering for another day task altogether and what answers do we get in return? Electric, Self-driving autonomous cars.

Autonomous self driving cars
With issues surrounding its public acceptance, 5G though is an enabling technology. After all, they will need to talk to the cloud, and to each other, and instantly to avoid crashing.

That limits where they can go. “Our emphasis will begin in urban areas where you can have more coverage and where you’re going to have the density of traffic to want to take advantage of traffic management, and collision avoidance,” said Abella.

Self-driving cars might still be the future but no doubt, the 5G has come as a forerunner to create its awareness.
The 5G innovation might already have started, with some manufacturers already committing to them but only time shall tell if indeed it promises to be one for the 2019 tech.

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  1. Wow! I know how technology supports us now and the advances I have seen. Automated cars, no cables, these are fun advances. My only concern is all these waves all around us. Thanks for the update!

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