April 10, 2024
It’s another year we into and safe to say if your wallets survived the ultimate releases of 2018 tech, then you sure deserve a pat on the back.

Excited for 2019 tech

From the release of Apple all new iPad Pro to Google camera catchy Pixels, 2018 tech is definitly one to look back to.

Several OEM’s had the best of years while many others did’nt in 2018 but with the many expectations lies on either the succesful ones going stronger or the 2018 failures bouncing back from their stumble.

With so much more on the tech horizon, only time shall tell. We, therefore, tech possibilities and promise expectation for 2019 tech all in one place and who knows, maybe we get to look back to see if one or all of these actually came to fruition.

1. The Samsung Galaxy S10

The first things actually on the line to fruition has to be the Galaxy S10 scheduled for launch on February 20th.

Samsung S10 2019

In 2018, major OEM’s designs looked to have this “like-general-accepted” objective of going fullscreen bezel-less while also avoiding the notch leading to release of series of mechanical sliders and camera popups but Samsung just has the promise of a new design altogether.

Different renders involving genius deigns eliminating the notch using kind of hole-puch cut out while still leaving the front-facing camera in place has left the Galaxy S10 with all the hype.

Samung galaxy s10 and s10plus render
Image by CNet
While the idea behind the hole-puch display is quite great, technically, it still remains a notch but what actually makes it a bit differenet is that it still lights up.

Samsung has done a great job throughout its flagship phone version releases by still keeping the headphone jack while reducing the notch but the anticpation behind the Galaxy S10 launch might just make them the next big thing to replacing Apple at the front of the queue.

2. The New iPhone

With the tick-tock innovation style Apple has been adopting ever since its inception where you have the iPhone X, iPhone XS and the XS Max leading to the expectation that we might be in for an iPhone 11, XR 2 or something like that…

iphone 11 render
Image y 9to5Mac

Howevere, 2018 was not technically the best of business years for Apple despite all of its release and iphone sales of more than 47 million, the company still reported major losses in shares and revenue with the company ultimately losing its Trillion dollar status in November 2018.

Should we just say the iOS is losing it?

Tech 2019 gives them another shot at redemption but with many renders out on the web showcasing the anticipated “iPhone11” depicting three radically arranged cameras, should we say they are already running short of ideas to retain their status and share of profit in the high-end flagship?

Apple as a company might be undergoing tough times but with the competition getting intense and whole different OEM’s breathing on their neck with amazing innovations, there’s no way investors won’t be turning away from them.

Only way am suggestion Apple could really in the race say; having most features of their iPad pro on their iPhones.

The first time we get a 120Hz display in an iPhone just like in the iPad? We also see a USB type C port in the iPhone? A high-end terabyte iPhone with 6GB RAM? Who does that by the way, but they could just make themselves the first.

3. Electric and Self-Driving Cars

A very big banner hung at the top with really no company rights attached to it.

self driving cars

Self-driving cars might still be the future but with the many showcases at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES2019) should we just say they are a thing realistic now?

With so many companies making the rounds with show off of their models, the whole lot of issues associated with self-driven vehicles stem from societal security, change in road situations and even many more.

Different news keeps making the rounds on peoples’ reactions to seeing a self-driven car tour their roads with many other reported to hurling stones at it in disapproval.

You can’t just underestimate the huge gain this technology would bring, but you also have to anticipate the losses it also comes along with – our jobs, personal security and the rest.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors keeps going from strength to strength and no doubt would be a very welcome idea to how his electric car works away from the United States. 

Say in Nigeria here?
Musk’s promise of an electric tunnel taxi to aid transportation issues still comes to mind when you see the very exhibition process already out on Tesla custom tunnel.

We have been on this road before with the promise of Electric and self-driving cars, gaming modules, kitchen assistants and lots of Robots show off, with many on show at CES, that will never come to fruition but 2019 tech brings much more and already working on the pact to actualization.

Also worth mentioning is the 5G innovation and foldable smartphone, with some manufacturers already committing to them. One could be realistic but the other could be an early call for tech 2019 and a high test for anyone optimistic about it out there.

So, let us know at the comment section, what we talked about on this list that you are most excited about and one you feel sure is a certainty to grace the public this 2019.

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