April 11, 2024

Dad invents ReplyASAP app
A man has invented an app that locks you out of your smartphone when you fail to reply a call or message been sent your way.
You might want to have this app on the about-to-be launched Samsung Galaxy S10, you never know!

Nick Herbert, a British dad has invented and app call ReplyASAP, which request that a message or call receiver return a call as quickly as possible or risk getting blocked out of using their smartphone.

Speaking on the app launch which took place initially launched in August 2017, and by now has amassed over 100,000 downloads, Nick stated his child behind the idea of developing the app.

Which his child having just enrolled into school, he got him a smartphone which meant he can call him to check on him when necessary.

But since the phone is smart and with children often lost in the virtual world of either playing games for the best part of the day, it becomes nearly impossible to reach them over the phone.

While calls get snubbed and messages are been ignored either because the child usually puts the phone on silent, Nick set around looking for a way to make sure his calls and been returned as quickly as possible.

Until he decided to develop ReplyASAP.

That leaves the question; why would someone want to infringe some kind of childcare or basic human rights just to have a call returned?

Let’s delve a little bit into what actually this amazing app can do.

How does ReplyASAP work?

Nick stated that the app was originally meant for use by parents and children to reach each other, but because of its quick response feature and ability can also be used in various situations like sending last minute reminders.
Dad invents ReplyASAP app

The most interesting feature of the app is that it locks the child’s phone if they ignore their parents’ messages with the only way to unlock it is to either return the parent’s text or call.

When the message appears on the screen, it blocks the view of whatever the recipient was doing before and gives them two options. They can either “Snooze for 3 minutes” or “Cancel.”

The most unique feature of the app is that the recipient will get to know you’ve just texted them with their smartphone making all sort of continuous noises even if their phone is on silent.

So, whichever option the recipient chooses, the sender will still get a notification of either a snooze for 3 minutes call or a Cancel option altogether. But there’s a catch!

The app promises to make sure that you get a response immediately, but only works when the other person accepts your invitation to connect, meaning that both parties have to agree to use the ReplyASAP app.

And also, internet connection is one major flaw of the app as both users have to be connected to be able to receive and send messages.

Google Play lists 4 types of ReplyASAP message status:

Pending” = not yet delivered because the recipient is not connected to the internet.

Delivered” = arrived and waiting to sound (if it was scheduled) or is sounding and waiting for the recipient’s response.

Snoozed” = arrived and sounded; the recipient has seen it but chose to “Snooze for 3 minutes.”

Seen” = arrived and sounded; the recipient has seen it but chose to “Cancel.”

Additional features like scheduling messages for specific times. As a reminder, for example. The app also retains a catalogue of all messages you’ve sent and received and they’re organized by name.

What is the cost?

ReplyASAP is currently free to download on Android. An iOS version has been rumoured to be in the mix for a release too but will have fewer features because of Apple restrictions. Extra in-app features will have to be purchased.

It has a good 3-star Google Play rating based on 611 and counting reviews and has received massive media attention across the globe since its launch.

For ReplyASAP premium users:

“Bronze” (£0.99) will give you first connection for free, then each additional contact for £0.99.

“Silver” (£2.49) will give you 4 contacts for free, so it’s perfect for a family.

“Gold” (£6.99) can connect you to 10 people, such as your extended family.

“Platinum” (£12.99) is meant for use in companies between staff as it can connect 20 people.


“Not many messaging apps out there that tell you when a message is delivered and seen, but the point is the message can be ignored or not seen because he didn’t hear it.”

It says on the app’s page on Google Play that “ReplyASAP makes messages unmissable between people that matter since important messages shouldn’t be missed.”

But “important message” is a very subjective concept. Your Mom might see checking in if you ate lunch that day as an important message.

Also, the possibility of using the app for the wrong reasons still exist, which could make the parent-child relationship all the more difficult. But there are much better uses for it than trying to take complete control over your child.

ReplyASAP app might just be for anyone who is sick of having their calls and messages missed or even ignored. The Fox, NBC, Globo, The India Times have all talked about it, so, why don’t you check it out with the download link below?

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