April 10, 2024
Apple iTunes for Samsung TV

In a move that makes a concrete statement about Apple’s business model over their ever red-hot rival – Samsung, the Cupertino firm has decided to play nice for once by introducing an iTunes support feature on Samsung’s much anticipated 2019 smart TV range.

Aside from already being integrated on Windows PCs, worthy to mention that this is the very first time Apple are stepping out of their comfort zone to make an Apple product available to a non-Apple device, but not without benefits.

Samsung, who on Sunday announced the partnership, stating that a dedicated iTunes app – called iTunes Movies and TV Shows – will be available on its 2019 smart TV range around March or April of this year.

Apple has so long been in a heated yet tinkering contest to oust Netflix by providing a family-friendly video streaming service which will not only shade their rival but also assume a leading role in the video streaming industry.

The 2019 rival partnership with Samsung, therefore, ensured that Apple had to lose shame to a certain rival in order to conquer a bigger rival.

This partnership will allow Samsung TV owners across more than 100 countries to buy and rent video content from iTunes or watch shows and movies already purchased from iTunes.

Privacy on a Smart TV?

As per to Samsung, iTunes content will be integrated with its smart TV’s search feature and Bixby voice assistant. 
However, the ills of using a smart TV means user account and data are being tracked, including everything you stream via built-in apps.
They’ve got it covered!

Therefore, Apple, a great proponent of user privacy, has guaranteed that the ad-tracking feature on Samsung smart TVs will be inaccessible within the new iTunes Movies and TV Shows app.

Wi-Fi Streaming?

Apple AirPlay for Samsung Tv
With Apple device users and individuals who don’t own a Samsung smart TV, how then does the Airplay come to play?

Apple has promised that iPhone/iPad owners who own or plan to purchase, a Samsung smart TV, outside of the 100 countries will be able to access their iTunes libraries via AirPlay 2.

The Apple Airplay 2 is Apple’s upgraded Wi-Fi streaming technology that allows users to stream videos, audio and photos from their Apple handheld devices directly to their TV.

The 2018 Samsung smart TV range will receive the app after a firmware update with the integration and public release imminent around March and April of 2019.

Samsung says AirPlay 2 support will be available to customers in 190 countries on its smart TVs, “including QLED 4K and 8K TVs, The Frame and Serif lifestyle TVs, as well as other Samsung UHD and HD models”.

A great move for Apple business to gain the hearts of Samsung users, a long rivalry been bur or just another revenue opportunity been exploited? Time shall tell. 

And if you are unable to use Airplay on your mobile, here’s a detailed guide by TechRadar on how to go about it.
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