April 10, 2024
The best of September game releases were a very big hit – from “The Walking Dead” to the  FIFA  19 game, it, therefore, leaves the question of if October will truly lite up and trump the past months? – and yeah! It will.

best game releases October 2018

Every new month comes with new gaming expectations alongside a new slate of games for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and even 3DS. Which category of gamers are the ones likely to be hugging the “Big Smile” this month?

September witnessed a couple of major releases which include FIFA 19 official gameplay release, “The Walking Dead” and even down to Valkyria Chronicles 4 for PC gamers.

Switch’s gamers also got a taste of the massive JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 also receives its own sizable story expansion, Torna: The Golden Country, also Towerfall release was a near success on its own too.

With the month fast fading out, we, therefore, made a list of the biggest releases for each platform this month below and hopeful expectations of the ones yet to come through.

So, are you a fantasy, anime fan? Get in cos’ you are in for a big threat with the expected October game releases – here’s your list.

Game Available On Release Date
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales PS4, Xbox One, PC October 23
Just Dance 2019 PS4, Xbox One, 360, Switch, Wii U, Wii October 23
Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4, Xbox One October 26
Castlevania Requiem PS4 October 26
My Hero One’s Justice PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch October 26

**These are October games yet to be released prior to article writing!

So, let us know through the comment section of your most anticipated Xbox One, PS4 and PC game release of the month and what made your game of the month.

Yeeeeh! One more thing, don’t forget to get a cooling pad for your device during gaming that is if you are on a PC to avoid being placed on a long thing! 😛

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