April 10, 2024
It’s that time of the month again when we bring to you news of most breakthrough Android apps of the month and trust me, you are gonn’ be getting a new SD card for the apps here.

Top android apps October 2018
Credit: Sam Beckman

Great reviews and comments we have gotten so far from our list of Android app choices for the month of September – we are very grateful!

As always, with the help of our Youtube friend Sam Beckman, we discuss the top-rated Android apps month October and your guess? We have another music player on our list – again!

With no further ado, here are our top picks for the Best Android Apps of the month!


Looking to do away with the default come-along wallpapers your new smartphone always make available for you? WALLP might just be the answer to that.

WALLP Android App

It is with little doubt that advent of a new smartphone by several manufacturers always leads to release of new phone wallpapers to try out.

WALLP is quite an amazing Wallpaper app as you get to chose and download from a wide range of smartphone manufacturers including LG, SAMSUNG, OnePlus, Google and even for the recently released iPhone X and X Max.

With easy navigation and sleek UX, the WALLP wallpaper app promises the best of wallpapers you can get and with its continuous update with the wallpapers around? You seriously need to hop in and have a ride.

Idea Note

If you are a note taker, this app is definitely for you…

Note taking Android applications that are unique and stand out from the crowd might often be hard to come by – take about the default NoteBook app present in your smartphone now.

Idea Note Android App Download

You give the verdict later!

IDEA NOTE is quite a fun app to use as you get to take note with just gesture swipe from any side of your smartphone home screen.

The resultant outcome is a list of floating pills of your old note which you can either preview, edit or tap on and start composing a new note outright.

The feature comes handy as “unique ideas” often don’t last long in the human memory, so what do you do? Just have a swipe from any side of your smartphone home screen and have a note of it straight away.

The bonus point is that you also get to talk note not just a text but also using speech recognition which many customization settings to help you to your desired taste.


Which better video editing apps can you get on mobile devices? Say FilmoraGo, VivaVideo etc. Inshot might just change that perspective sooner than later.

INSHOT android app

Inshot is one app you cannot neglect if you are to stand toe with the best Instagram celebrity video showcasing out there, say Instagram stories or for IGTV.

With the basic trim, cut and split features to get your video going, you also get to add your custom filters and effects to match whatever destination you are using it for on social media.

But despite the above functions, the features of this app are quite sleek-filled with amazing functions that makes it worthy for just any social application and purpose. You also get to utilise additional features like text, sound and music effects additions to your videos.

It is definitely a powerful video creator for Android devices and if you are seriously out to have some hot quality video content on your phone, then the “INSHOT Android app” is for you.

NoxPlayer Emulator

Well, this one really beats my imagination in some way that takes the attention away from your typical Android application at least not for the tech nerds out there.

NOXPLAYER Android app

NOXPLAYER “Android app” is an android emulator that when installed, lets you run Android apps and games on your computer device of choice.

Just think to have your typical Android smartphone window and functions on our computer without making use of “Bluestacks”.

When installed on your computer, open up an android emulator window running on the Android KitKat (4.4.2) version – though still pretty low, the idea behind android emulator sure isn’t about android version but ability to run Android apps and games per say.

Fortnight, PUBG, Pro Evolution Soccer, Clash of clans etc.

With usual navigation buttons just like your normal Android device, inbuilt Google play store for app installations – a no-brainer.

You can also use the ‘local installer” which involves dragging and dropping your already downloaded apk file from your computer File Explorer straight to the emulator app.

You also get to digest other range of amazing features like changing resolution settings and even customising your emulator to support in-game controller experience.

The “Big bonus”, its gaming supports ranging from anything keyboard, gamepad, script recording and multiple instances. Use all of them at the same time!

*In NoxPlayer tone* Anything’s possible!
You need to drop your current Android emulator app and give this a trial straight away.

Stellio Player

You must have been asking, must there always be a music player app on our list each month of top Android releases? Well, that might be a question for the developers who keep coming up with Android music apps we just can’t turn down.

Stellio Player Android app
So, today we have the Steellio Player Android app, last month it was the Musicana Andriod player – cool names though.
A standalone android music player app that comes with features ranging from online music streaming support from top trending music streaming service site to sleek interface and gestures to go with. 
The app might still be at its infancy, but no doubt has garnered a lot of attention to itself with up to 500,000+ hits to itself.
Stellio Player Android download
No doubt, the Stellio player will be a hit with time it will take a huge convincing for me to ditch the Musicana Andriod Music player anytime soon.

Your Hour

Try guessing this app function before reading through this piece and you sure would be reeling at yourself a thousand times cos’ you are never going to get it right.

Your Hour Android Mobile task
In a short piece, Your Hour” Android app is a mobile usage tracker which keeps check of all activities performed on your smartphone device during a given time span.
A remedy/threat to Instagram and Facebook freaks, it comes with many amazing features and functions that help you utilize your mobile wisely.
You also get the option of setting time usage limit for any apps at which if its time elapses would be unable to run or process tasks.
You often make Google searches through texts but have you ever thought of making a reverse search using images? Sounds weird right.
With Reverse Image search for Android, you get to search for your local mobile image existence on your different search engine without breaking a single sweat.
You also get to click live photos from your camera and make a quick search with it. Almost sounds like making me look like the CIA already.
You should definitely be giving this app a try.

So, that was our clue for the top Android app releases for the month of October. Let us know the one app you will be checking out on your Android device today.

Are there some other top breakthrough Android apps for the month you think should be on this list or deserve a mention? As always, let us know in the comment section below.

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