April 15, 2024
From your age, gender, location and even your personal online interest, the Big ‘G’ has been stalking, tracking and recording every search you make using their almighty Engine – The Google Search. 

Ever watched a movie titled “IT” starring James Bond then you’ve got to be conscious of your online info that these Big technology companies possess and their possible harm to you.


No doubt, Google has become almost an indispensable aspect of our technology and internet life but does it have to encroach into having our personal data in their palms? This information is also hidden against access from us.

The good news is that we can now have access to this information from a trusted and verified third-party and also importantly regulate the amount of data they get to use to address our internet life or ultimately switch it off.

Be it serving of customized adverts or offering up of sports scores, there are undeniable benefits of letting Google and other search engines or big technology companies like Facebook, Apple and Twitter know of your interest and needs.

But if the need arises for you to delete all these data /information about you that it has and remaining anonymous; then follow the below practices and you will be good.

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Step 1

Track ‘my activity’:

This feature displays every information Google has on you right from the first time you started using them. To access them, you would have to log into your Gmail account as it would only have to track searches and information entered when logged into a given email account.

Next, enter this following URL into your search browser – history.google.com/history. This displays all the information Google has on you which may include the following:
  • Searched Pages
  • Map Searches
  • YouTube Videos you watched; etc
Furthermore, scroll down to “Activity Controls” and then locate “Your Search and Browsing History” and click “Manage Activity“. Locate the top right-hand corner of the “Insights Box” and select the “all-time box” as this will display your all-time info on Google.
Google History Insights

This displays a full list of your searches and the devices used to make the searches. Of course, you can navigate through and delete specific searches – may be the bizarre or intricate ones.

Alternatively, pausing this feature i.e preventing Google from crawling your searches and devices will only prevent Google products like Google Now and Google+ from using your web and app activity to improve their suggestions thereby providing personalized content to you.

Step 2

Selecting the time period:

The page that highlights various days, weeks and possibly years of your Google history. You are always the one in control as you can filter which amount of your history you might want to view.

 The “Filter by date” option box, when selected, allows you to select the interested time and date of your history which you might want to see. 

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Step 3

More to your history:

It can be even more ridiculous when you discover that this big Engine is also tracking you alongside the devices you use to access the internet.

Remember usually when you get logged in to any of your social accounts using a different device from the previous one? Well, Google history offers you the chance to remove the device you no longer use or have access to.

To carry this out, check on the “sign-in/security” tab and then scroll down to “Device Activity/Notifications

This list now offers you insight to your previously used login and access devices with information on when they were used to access any of your online accounts.

You can also check on the locations which you ran any online activity provided you have Google location services turned on. 
Google Location

Step 4:

Google History/Your Interest:

A perfect way to find out what Google thinks about you is to check the information it uses to serve you ads. This may be determined by your previously entered search strings or impressions towards a given page.

To check this out, navigate to the “Personal Info & Privacy Page“, scroll down to ad settings and click on “Manage ad settings“.

From this page, you can be able to edit whatever interest-related information Google has on you ranging from age, gender and list of other interest information Google has associated with your profile.

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Step 5

Downloading Your Data:

Lastly, you may decide to get a copy of Google records on you/your account either for personal use or for record keeping.

To do this, under “Personal Info & privacy“, scroll down to “Control your content” menu and under “Download your data” click “Create Archive”.

Note, this is not a kind of click on download my file and Boom! you’re there, no. It might take possibly days for Google to make a copy of all this info and then email you when it’s ready.

You also reserve the option of choosing which of the data you might wish to download or include in your download. Then, get it all as a Zip file.

Step 6

Delete Them All:

This might come into consideration if you feel Google is having too much on you thereby making you feel a little bit unprotected and insecure. All you have to do is to get rid of them all at a go.

All you have to do is to navigate back to the three dots by the corner and click on the Delete Option. 

From here, you can specify your preference of the data you want to download and also the duration of the data. Click on the Advanced section and you get the option to select “all time” and you get rid of all the entire data at once.

There is also a general way to get rid of this at a go using a quite amazing site called Deseat.me all with the help of your Gmail address.

  • Sign in to Deseat.me with your particular Gmail address
  • Check on the account you might want to delete or keep.
  • Click on the Delete button and select which you want to delete but mind you, this website does not pick up every single footage of yours on the internet.
That was the trick, now your turn to tell of your own experience checking out your Google information and data using the comment section.

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