April 10, 2024
iPhone X face unlock

Just like the FingerPrint Recognition system (FPRS) for payment which enables you to make market and mall purchases without spending cash, the iPhone X face ID unlock represents a whole new high for AI advancement in the tech industry.

Also, with Wireless charging technique been introduced by Apple Inc. to aid smartphone charging and battery issues, “we are really in for a treaty” come to the end of the year 2018.

The iPhone X of the iPhone series has only been launched recently offering a pool of new features like Face ID, Anemoji and the beautiful OLED display. It is by no doubt, been the best-looking smartphone in the market.

Face unlocking might be the next closest thing to smartphone security as it is very secure and of course, Apple implemented it. Since the iPhone X doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, it definitely has to find a way for user data/smartphone content.

 The face unlock feature called FaceID.

Other smartphones have moved to implement the feature, however, they didn’t use an extra infrared sensor, instead, it uses the front camera to detect your face. iPhone’s face ID might be very sophisticated and secure in comparison with the one plus 5T but face unlock on one plus 5T is much faster than iPhone X.

Note: In order to use this trick your device must have Android lollipop or higher version, the users must also make sure that prior to this they have to use a secondary security lock like pin, pattern or password to unlock their phone.

How to Get iPhone X Like Face Unlock?

Step 1: Before initiating this process, go to the settings option of your device, then “security”, and enable the smart lock option. You will now be required to enter your PIN or password to go to the next step.

Step 2: Now you will get a list of smart lock options, choose the “trusted face” option. You will get some instructions, tap on “SET-UP”, and further follow the instructions to add a trusted face.

Keep tapping until the device tries to register your face, now move your face and fit it in the circle. Now the device will register your face.

Step 3: Now whenever you want to unlock the phone, you just have to hold up your phone according to your face and then it will automatically detect and unlock your Android device.

One of the unique features of iPhone X is its face unlock and since it is limited to iPhone X, you can try out the above mentioned trick. Although this won’t be that secured just like the Apple device, we assure you that it will be quick and easy to go.

Make sure that you give this unique security lock a try, it is a simple and cool way to unlock your device and protect your data.


Now you can easily unlock your android device using facial recognition. Well, this feature is suitable to unlock any device and it will be as safe as iPhone X or one plus 5T.

The plus point is that almost all Android devices have this feature, Although if your phone is running on a custom ROM then it might be lacking this feature.

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