April 10, 2024
How much does it cost to get a home security camera? Millions in the Bank. With our world currently made up with alternatives to unarguably everything, it’s time you turn your old smartphones into a security camera.

Sounds interesting just like the Wireless charging technique you can use on your Android and iOS smartphones without carrying USB charging cords about.
The Frontpoint Security App has been blazing a trail in advanced technology for years, so it’s no surprise that the company alongside numerous other companies are playing catch up with regards to building home security mobile apps.
Android Home security Apps
Home security apps are a very essential tool when it comes down to home monitoring your home away from threats without many fees while still retaining your privacy all to yourself. 
In fact, some Android and iPhone security apps work extremely well with your cameras, and some can turn your computer or smartphone into a web camera or a security camera. 

You need not get bothered about your security anymore or having to watch tapes and clips after a long day – just access them all through your smartphone.
Choosing the right app, therefore, is the very first step. Below we have compiled a list of five (5) of the best home security apps for your Android.

Nest Security App

The first home security Android App on our list and sure, not one you might be looking forward to. To use this app you must first have Nest appliances installed in your home. 

It’s basically a first party controller for your thermostat and home condition scanner and cost just FREE. We know that this isn’t technically home security, but the app does allow you to maintain a safe atmosphere at home. 
For example, if your house is getting polluted by smoke, the app will notify you in a very timely manner. Furthermore, you’ll be able to receive important notifications about emergency alarms and events.

IP WebCam App

Another cost-free Android Home security app supported by Advertising – and arguably one you definitely should be looking forward to.
However, it can be a bit tricky to set up at first. It’s supported by advertising, making the app itself completely free.
The IP WebCam Android App is probably one of the simpler home security apps that turns your phone into a remote camera – you can ask Xaomi smartphone users. 
It has a decent, yet basic, set of features, such as support for VLC player, Ivideon support, live video streaming, support for FTP servers and Dropbox, video chat support, and motion detection. 
The App might prove a tricky one to set up at the first attempt though but will no doubt prove a big hit for smart-home security
Android Home security Apps

AtHome Camera

The AtHome Camera Security App is one of the better and most popular DIY home security apps, a must have for every smart-home lover. 

Its biggest pro lies in its ability to support multiple platforms and devices (IOS, Mac, Android, and windows). 
The app cost Free (unless you want additional hardware) and undoubtedly a great way to repurpose old smartphones or laptops.
The App service feature itself comes in two separate apps – the camera app turns your device into a camera, while the other app lets you monitor your home. Easy to set up and manage.
Some other features include time-lapse recording, remote monitoring, multi-view for up to four cameras, and facial recognition.

WardenCam Home Security App

Another relatively unknown simple-to-use home security Android App that quite stived in a bid to make our list.
The WardenCam home security app is an easy Android App which you can incorporate into your old smartphones. It offers its users multi-camera setups, Google Drive and Dropbox support, two-way audio support, motion detection and alerts, and above average developer support.

Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred home security camera provides an alternative way for an individual to build a home security system, spending little to almost nothing in the process.

The app lets you reuse your old smartphones for security purposes by offering you remote access, some free cloud storage, live video streaming, a walkie-talkie function, zoom, and more. 

All the app features are available for free, but if you’d like HD recording, you need to sign up to a monthly or year subscription of $3.99/mo or $29.99/yr respectively.
So those were our five best Android home security Apps which you can try out with your old smartphone without spending a living on a security camera. Have you used any of the Apps for your home security? Do you use an App you consider should be on this list? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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