April 11, 2024
So, the Instagram Apk Lite finally launched and blazing hot on Google Play store and we are all happy about it right!

Download Instagram Android App Trillionclues

Instagram might just be up for the competition having heard from our friends at — of the release of the GB Instagram Apk Download which no doubt has numerous features compared to the main Instagram App.

Since its inception in October 2010, Instagram Inc. has no doubt punched right high above its weights, and has arguably proved a much tough nut to crack for the popular video upload site – Youtube despite initially being a Photo-centric app platform.

Instagram has followed in its parent company’s footsteps and launched a lightweight version of its app on Google Play. Like its Facebook and Messenger counterparts, Instagram Lite was created for users in developing nations.

What is New?

The recently released Instagram Apk Lite comes in 573 kilobytes size compared to the main App which has a bulky size of 32MB.

It, therefore, is a plus sign to individuals using older phones or devices with small storage or intermittent internet connection or even much lower Android version, as everyone can now download and use Instagram.

Due to its lighter version, several key features have gone missing; from users inability to upload and share videos with friends to the absence of the DM (direct message) feature which is ever present in the main App.

The absence of these features from the Instagram Lite App for Android might be quite understandable due to reasons ranging from saving storage space to efficient access for slow internet connection users (it was specifically created for them though)

In the midst of these lacks, Instagram Lite still has some positives to take from it as it still allows users to upload and view photos and Stories, as well as to use the Explore tab.

Any Positives?

Users might not have to delete photos or other apps to install Instagram Lite, or wait a long time and pay more for it to download. Instagram Lite seeks to address many problems common amongst smartphone users in the developing world who are often on older phones with less storage space, slower network connections or who can’t afford big data packages.

The photo-centric social network App might still be undergoing Beta Testing mode and speaks for the reason for its Low-Key announcement and integration into Google Play for download without so much news.

Prior to its release, a spokesperson told TechCrunch that Instagram has only started testing Lite in Mexico this week: “We are testing a new version of Instagram for Android that takes up less space on your device, uses less data, and starts faster,” he said in a statement. That will, therefore, answer for its unavailability to some countries.

For now, you can get the Instagram Lite App on Google Play Store

Source: Engadget

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