April 12, 2024
If you have an Android phone, you probably love downloading New Apps on the Google Play Store, but do you know that what you were actually looking for does exist as long as you look at the right place?

Today, we discuss several useful Apps we regularly search for on Google Play Store to no avail, just like the X-Hide App that allows you to lock your smartphone information away from prying eyes and intruders.

Android App Download not on Google Play Store

Stay tuned till finish to see which Apps made us scared of Android users; and if you love technology as much as we do? Make sure to stumble at our friend at The Things

Popcorn Time

Watching movies online for free! With Popcorn time, you get to watch almost every movie and TV series as much as you want at your convenience – As long as you have an internet connection.

Watch movie with Popcorn Time Android App

Several individuals are always searching for the best torrents online from the best available sites. Popcorn Time is sure to help you find the best movie possible version with High Dimension (HD) with subsequent subtitles.

With a Zero per cent guarantee that the entire links you will see on Popcorn Time are sure to be working, this is why there are many, so you are, therefore, find a way to watch your favourite movie.

The best thing about Popcorn Time is that you get to watch all MOVIES FOR FREE and a 100% promise that the service will never be taken down.

You can Download Popcorn Time for MAC and Android and for your Windows PC using the links.


XTunes Android App Download

We are always trying to listen to FREE MUSIC on our phone – who detests that by the way yet the barrier of having to pay for the highly rated songs in the industry brings us to our lowest beam and possible ways to try to listen to new music on our phone.

If you are looking for easy possible yet costless ways to listen to and download your new and favourite songs on your Android phones, XTunes is the App that you need.

iTunes is widely regarded as the best music listening service around but XTunes should also be considered the best alternative around to listen to FREE MUSIC all day as that is where the name comes from.

The reason why it is secret and not on the Google Play Store? You are sure to be breaking the rules cos’ you sure to get all these songs for free without a single payment

You sure to get access to the latest trending songs on the Billboard plus the latest monthly tends – all for free. Music, from the Caters, recently released ApeS**T to Lady Gaga and lot so much more. You also get access to lots of music from numerous musicians all over the world.

Are you done with downloading a trial and fail Apps, you can also simply use the Browser site if you are looking for all the songs from your favourite artists all over the world. It’s just like iTunes as all you have to do is click on the music and then select “Mp3 Download” but one for someone who is on a budget.

[Download XTunes ##download##]


Are you thinking that wasting your time with kids-on-graphic games is never enough and sure looking for a place to meet real men with big grey hats? Pokerstars is the right place to go.

PokerStars Android App Download

We should warn you that this App is not for anyone under 18 years old not because you get to see some pretty cinderellas girls but because you might end up losing a lot of money. You get to Play Poker game with real money!

If you go on Google Play Store, you are sure going to see a lot of Apps that will let you play Poker but they won’t let you play for money that, of course, is why you have to turn to SECRET yet useful Apps.

Pokerstars Android App Download
Real Money Poker!

Pokerstars Android is an amazing App if you get it all right as they allow you the access of a mobile cashier to manage your bankroll on the move right from your mobile phone at your convenience. Hmmmm

Android App Pokerstars

We have to warn you that only a few people win as you get to meet with highly rated Poker professionals, but if you think you are a Pro at Poker game well up to 18 years? It is your life and you have the full right to have a chance at it.

Pokerstars App is available for Android and MAC and Windows PC Download versions depending on your device choice.

Live NetTV

You sure should beware of breaking the rules [in some countries] but we are here to tell you that Apps like this still exist. We already told you about Popcorn Time that gives you the chance to watch every one of your favourite movies online for free; but sometimes, we don’t have that much time.

The new generation kids are either sleeping on TV screens or streaming Live football sessions through their mobile phones. And now Live NetTv offers you the chance to watch whatever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want on your mobile phone.

Pokerstars watch TV channel Free

Can Television get any better? Yes. Live NetTv has gone a long way towards making that TV channel free for you as long as you can pay for a good internet Data pack, or even just get a good free service yet secure public W-Fi

*Don’t tell the authorities*.

Live NetTv offers you the chance to watch all of your favourite channels all day JUST FOR FREE, you also get to watch all your favourite episodes for free even before their official release. No signups or subscription added to its amazing easy navigation makes for its easy usage too.

[Download Live NetTV ##download##]

Network Spoofer

You can’t really do anything mean or dangerous with this App but we are here to tell you never try the information you re going to get on a non-residential or school network.

Show vulnerable network with network spoofer

Network Spoofer is meant to show just how vulnerable home and residential networks can be when subject to simple attacks. It is an App that lets you crack into other peoples computer with your Android Phone.

This is made possible by identifying a Wi-Fi network, login, choose a spoof to use and just press start. you get the opportunity to either change the text or pictures your friends see on a page through that network.

Op: Always try network spoofer on a friend that has a good sense of humour!

[Download NS ##download##]


We have to warn you that the major reasons most of these Apps don’t make it to the Google Play Store, is that they are breaking the rules. Just as the laws might not be the same in every state, you are still meant to know that you are not supposed to use most of these Apps.

Anyways, if you just got more curious and you are not afraid to get into trouble? we are going to let you tell us about your experience with these Apps. Are you going to download any of these Secret Apps List not on Google Play store? Go ahead and tell us which one is your favourite in the comments down below and what you think.

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