April 10, 2024
The general public and with no doubt die-hard music streaming fans have lately been treated with awesome music streaming service partly down to the fierce competition existing already in the music streaming industry.🙏

 Who wins? 😨😨😨

With several millions of songs available on demand for partly $10 bucks or less a month from music streaming giants Spotify, Apple Music et al, music streaming fans and more or so left with very stiff decision to make regarding how to spend their cash on one which is the better service altogether.

Long gone are the days when one can hopefully rely on Spotify alone for music streaming and coupled with the recent acquisition of Spotify by Microsoft, the competition becomes quite attainable for others.

Asides the major known music streaming platforms, there also exist other yet-to-be-known companies that offer same service struggling to compete thereby making it extremely difficult for fans to make the right choice.

Which of the monthly streaming music services makes the best recommendations? Which is the easiest to use? Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube Music; which has the best prices? Are just a few questions fans are left asking.

Also, with the recent release of  YouTube Music Premium by Google, comparing it(YouTube music) to the Big 3: Spotify (75 million subscribers,) Apple Music (50 million) and Amazon, which won’t be more specific other than to say it has “tens of millions” of users will really be seen as suicidal 😨😨😨

Hard to say, but it all boils down to little pros and cons with each streaming service no doubt offering unique service patterns and music recommnedation patterns which generally makes them inseparable.

We, therefore, looked at the different pros and cons of each service with little determinants such as subscription prices and early bird uploads.


Spotify is by no doubt the No. 1 music streaming service for fans for a reason. Partly down to there early launch back in 2008 with little to no service competition at all.

It is by far the best, with its drop-dead easy-to-use interface alongside its clean interface too. It also possesses a more user-friendly interface than most other service making it compatible with almost everything from iPhones and Android phones to Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers.


  • Extreme ease of use.
  • Free ad-supported version with premium service at $9.99 monthly or $4.99 for students that comes along free subscription to Hulu.
  • Simple one-click music playlist creation

Con: (Must have)

  • There generic radio stations and auto-generated playlists mght be too bad for mere user tastes.

Apple/iTunes Music

Having stemmed from the iTunes Music library, Apple music has always moved to retain there excellent editorial team pushing new music downloads and art collections to the top. The same attention to editorial curation pays off in spades for Apple Music, which has the best recommendation tools for any of the services.

It follows your playing pattern history, which they all do, with making future music recommendations which we all like.😎

Today, it knows I like Pop beats, so I was offered up songs by arguably the best in the business of pop – a clear favourite.


  • Best of music recommendations.
  • Offers a 90-day free trial after which you are been charged in excess of $9.99 premium fee.


  • Designed to work best with Apple devices, meaning you can’t check out Music on the Echo or Google Home speakers – a big Con indeed

YouTube Music + Premium

Obviously the new kid in town!!! With Youtube +Premium, you get to listen to songs in the background on your smartphone—while reading email and the like— but costly to say the main YouTube app in the background cost an extra $2 monthly.

The YouTube Premium also has TV dates (everything from Elvis Presley’s first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show to the latest pop star on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) live performances, international cuts and artist-uploaded tracks. 
youtube premium meme
Their big Pro being it acquaintance your Youtube viewing history and Google searches thereby having an upper hand when making better recommendations for their users.
  • The music selection algorithm is a thing yet to be beaten by other old services
  • Free, ad-supported version, or ad-free service for $9.99 monthly

  • Extra charge for background listening is a big loss to YouTube fans. 
  • It offers auto-generated computerised music mixtape with “endless” music on the home page – exactly what you wanted to hear. 
  • Though still new in the business, their music recommendation proves a big assignment yet to be improved on for Google Inc.
Like previously mentioned, it all boils down to little pros and cons. Either of the above offers excellent music streaming service with it now coming down to fan favouritism.

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