April 13, 2024
Google is introducing a new standalone podcast app for Android, who saw that coming? You did? Of course, I didn’t either.

Source: Pocket Crunch

The app in question which the ‘Big G’ simply called Google Podcasts, is yet another amazing innovative move by Google in an effort to connect people with shows and talks they might enjoy based on their listening habits and searches.

Its hard to forget that Google Listen was an effort by Google to build what was then called “podcatcher” for Android. Given that that quest eventually proved unsuccessful and ultimately called off in 2012, Google will be hoping the Google Podcast app for Android doesn’t go the same way too.

While before now, podcasts have previously been available on Android through Google Play Music and third-party apps, Google says the company expects Podcasts to bring the form to hundreds of millions of new listeners around the world.

In a statement by Zack Reneau-Wedeen, the app product manager:

“There’s still tons of room for growth when it comes to podcast listening,” said Zack Reneau-Wedeen, product manager on the app. Creating a native first-party Android app for podcasts “could as much as double worldwide listenership of podcasts overall,” he said.

Google Podcasts is by no doubt drop-dead different to previous apps as the familiar look will surely entice anyone who has used a podcast app before. With features like new podcasts searches and direct downloading to effective convenience play, Google podcasts is just a must have for all.

We ran through the app for quite amazing features you might have missed out on the product launch and the product itself too.

Free Podcast Listening Access in any Language of Choice

In the coming months, Google plans to add a suite of features to Podcasts that are powered by artificial intelligence. One feature will add closed captions to your podcast so you can read along as you listen.

…yeah, right up there😇
Also with its availability of language transliteration, Google Podcast is really lending a helping hand to all and sundry creating platform for little to no excuses for missing podcasts anymore.

It’s a feature that could be useful to people who are hard of hearing or for anyone who is listening in a noisy environment or from a different region altogether.

Google Sued for Podcast Plagiarism?😎

With Zack Reneau-Wedeen announcing during the product launch that Google will seek to integrate more than 2 million podcasts on the app, including “all of the ones you’ve heard of”, we are just thinking of a better title to write on when they are been taken to court😆

………..A no-brainer indeed

Yes, that’s not happening any day but that will surely be a pro for early birds who are sure going to try out the new podcast app.

Might just be the next “Busy thing”

Open the app, and a section called “For you” shows you new episodes of shows you’ve subscribed or will like to subscribe to. It also contains a list of episodes you’ve been listening to but haven’t finished and a list of your downloaded episodes. 

The Google Podcast app also contains a concise list of top and trending podcasts, both in general and by category with it all being you down with your preferences.

The Podcasts app is also integrated with Google Assistant, giving you access to search for and play podcasts wherever you have Assistant enabled. The app will also sync your place in a given podcast across all Google products, so if you listen to half a podcast on your way home from work, you can resume it on your Google Home once you’re back at the house.

No more free time?😠

Easy In-app live Podcast Language transliterations

Closed captions in the Google Podcast app means you’ll be able to skip ahead to see what’s coming up later in a given podcast show.

Eventually, you’ll be able to read real-time live transcriptions in the language of your choice, letting you “listen” to a podcast even if you don’t speak the same language as the host or speaker.

Anyone Can Make a Podcast Now!

With Google reporting on a research that studied the number of people making podcasts, only one-quarter of podcast host where female leaving Google with a self-task to bridge and diversify the field.

Having considered that a problem to solve when developing the Google podcast app, they now intend to expand the number of people making podcasts. Google, therefore, formed an independent advisory board that will consider ways to promote podcast production outside of the handful of major metropolitan areas in the United States that currently dominate the field.

Google will not be responsible for paying any creators to make podcasts directly, the company said, but on the by-side will likely explore ways of giving podcasts from underrepresented creators extra promotion.

Google also reported that It’s examining ways to make recording equipment more accessible to people who can’t afford it.


If you already acquainted with listening to podcasts on Google Play Music, nothing changes as there isn’t much difference at all. But with Google making it clear that it plans to focus its future efforts around podcasting in the standalone app, you might just be porting anytime soon.

With no recent activity towards developing an iOS version, the Google Podcast Android app might just be on for now and can be downloaded through the link below

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