April 11, 2024
Never search how to make a Bomb

Don’t know something or confused with a concept? Query Google for it. That has arguably been the quick fire solution to survive the modern life knowledge crises.

But how often have you been lost like “Alice in Wonderland” having searched a given phrase on Google and been directed to a certain page totally unrelated? We’ve all been there.😟

We have got for you a list of things you MUST never search on Google – make that a strict must in case you have the slightest love for your online security and sanity.

Never query google for these words

How to make a Bomb

We seriously have a warning for you in case you are thinking of it. You aren’t going to get arrested for it but then your IP address will be added to a secret Blacklist database.

you can perform numerous tricks on your computer and notepad in particular but never put yourself in a problem by making restricted searches on Google Big SE

You never know the power of your IP address till you land yourself enough of trouble to last you a lifetime.
Be it a classroom work given to you. Never search how to make a Bomb on Google for your own internet safety and to avoid having the FBI at your trail just like James Bond.

The Body Farm

The Body Farm, quite a self-explanatory and sure interesting stuff to check out for? The Body Farm has been recorded as a research area where scientists study body decomposition.

Worth gaining knowledge from? Wait till you see the floodgate of blood oozing from a natural decomposing body as it succumbs to natural decaying

Never something worth checking out for even if you are a science geek and aren’t scared of sci-fi movies!

Death Clock

As the name suggests, the site offers you a reminder of the date of your death and possible eventual cause. Mind Blowing!

No healthy being would happily welcome a reminder of his death date as that is something no one thinks or pretty much wants to know any day yet.

Funny enough to know, but the site was arguably set up as a joke. But with the idea of death being mind gripping, if you have no intentions of panicking or going anxious about the date, then by all means – just stay clear.

Anything that exposes your insecurity

From the onset, Google originally has more info on us – from your personal info to activity data than our parents know but why would you increase the danger already created by subjecting yourself to online insecurity searches?

We are all insecure about something or the other from our smartphones to our home gadgets. But there simply isn’t any need to show that off on the internet.

When you search anything about your insecurity on Google – keywords like “Finally Single”, “Going clubbing”; you are basically exposing your vulnerable side to advertisers.

So, when you ask Google queries like ‘how to lose weight’, you are definitely sure to come across advertisements for slimming pills and weight loss diet plans. Whether you need it or not, you are definitely sure to end up buying at least one of them.

Some time ago, I caught a friend searching for his email address on Google 😎😎*Pretty weird*

Anything that reveals your location

No doubt Google has afforded us the huge luxury of checking out our favourite food joints to fill our growling stomach and checking distance measures between two cities.

You have no idea your innocent searches have provided Google with more information about you than even your own mother knew.

So, what they gonna’ do with the data?

That wasn’t even a question. They sell it obviously! You should definitely not let that shriek escape your mouth.


Google is an open source search engine where you can get information of any kind, but mind your information misused might be harmful.

Never make yourself a victim of ignorance and instead put your online presence in jeopardy. Always stay informed and out of trouble😚

Cover Image Credits: 2MinuteFacts

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