April 12, 2024
Heck! you need a real gaming PC not just your regular PC
PC gaming vs console gaming
credit: Peek&co

With the years gone by, the Windows platform and really powerful machines from manufacturers have made PCs a great alternative to consoles. You no longer need a console to play the latest titles, your desktop or laptop can also double as your gaming machine.

The Windows OS have has therefore gained widespread popularity and acceptance due to this feature. No more market outsourcing for the latest console game in town or need for successive installation of every game before you play a game.

Pretty tiresome and outdated act if you’re a hardcore gaming freak

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In the world of gaming, you should not be limited only to consoles. Your personal computer can do the job and there are several handheld consoles like the PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS XL as quoted by Don Caprio of Geek.ng blog. And if you want a 2-in-1 gaming device that acts as a regular console and a handheld, the newly released Nintendo Switch is what you’re looking for.

Hold my beer – PC gaming trumps them all. Bear in mind, due to the context of this post, PC gaming will cover all but soccer and adventure games.
So, why the heck should you ditch your lifelong console for PC gaming?

PC gaming gadgets

Why ditch your Console for PC gaming?

Firstly, I accept my being bias in this post cos’ am a longtime PC gamer but hell-yeah!!! who says a little bit of argument in the world of gaming isn’t welcome😂😂😂

So, are you thinking of swapping your console life for a PC gaming world? Stand by me as I will walk you through the entirety of what you’ve been missing.
  • Save more MONEY

They (console gamers) will argue this one but the console is much cheaper than usual gaming PC as you can easily get a PS4 console with little like 250bucks. Gaming PC’s are usually at their best with little not less than $500 when budgeting getting a new one. But, come to think of it, you get more for value😜 A trial will convince you!

  • Gaming Interface like no other

I must confess to not being an avid console gamer but just spend a one time experience using a gaming PC you will never regret you did so. From amazing CHampions league nights in Paris to the almost-real-life-experiences like hanging out with the cops. You really need to check those graphics out!

Insomnia Pc gaming vs Console
credit: Kickstarter

  • New Game upgrade in PC gaming, console go absolute quickly

Whether you built your own or you bought a pre-built computer from an electronics store, you can switch out the parts with fresh new ones when they start to degrade with time. Each and every part of a PC can be removed (why not) or swapped out pretty easily — try that in the console gaming😂😂

Sony gaming has come out with the PlayStation 4 Pro that can play in the coveted 4K resolution, which is kind of like upgrading the parts on a PC. Microsoft, never to be left out also has the 4K-capable Xbox One X on the way, too.
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  • Customize your PC like never before

You can entirely decorate your gaming PC to suit your taste from choosing exact pack cases like motherboards, graphics card, processor, RAM, etc. You can also add bling-bling lights and lightening fans to give your PC more customized look. Just make sure the different PC components are compatible with each other.🔺🔻

  • More PC games than Console games😥😥

Lest we forget –  Microsoft was on PC before it made its way to consoles right? Great, dear console gamer, check if you will see these games available for the console –  “DayZ,” “Eve,” “World of Warcraft,” and “League of Legends.” Reply………

Well, consoles also have their share of exclusive games that’ll never make their way to PC. The PS4 exclusive “Horizon Zero Dawn.” remember? Verdict – when it comes to the number of games available nothing beats PC.

  • Useful for computer simulation?

This one will be left to the Judges (you) to decide on……..Use the comment section if you truly are a PC gamer to defend your brand.

The PC gaming vs Console gaming argument will continue to rumble on in the gaming world but it all comes down to certain little variables like cost, personal preference and one which you are more conversant using. For me? PC gaming will always outweigh any opposition. 

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