April 11, 2024

If you have ever been concerned about the privacy of your media files  and your best Android games of recent with our whole personal life now wound up in the Smartphone’s we carry about, then am I’m pretty sure that you ain’t seen the monster app making waves on the web that will totally make your Smartphone invisible called the X-Hide app.

Infinix X-hide

The hiding of private media content in secret Vaults (that’s what you call it) will only take the weight of intruders after them off your shoulders.

Being an Android user can be sickening at times as your phone can accidentally fall prey to someone’s hands or the often inevitability of having to pass it on to an intruder friend totally unaware of their true intentions.

No Mac or iPhone user is sure gonna’ pass on his precious/costly device to any stranger – never seen that happen, not in this country of ours!

As an unfaithful Android Boyfriend and a “hustler”, you’re left with the tough choice of having to secure your many private contact/messages/explicit videos away from the always prying eyes of *relationship busters* and the Cops as a whole.

Which smartphone user doesn’t have a very private/personal life after all?

So, no worries then as we present you with the TOP THREE most user hider app and media content hider on the internet you sure never heard of before, the LAST OF THE THREE being the sure ultimate I promised you guys on a Facebook post I recently made.

*Stay Tuned and say leee goo00 if yah an Android user*

Regular Photo and Video Hiding App for Android

  1. Private Zone

Dream app if you are indeed looking for an app that can do ultimately everything (like virtually everything😎) asides your common hiding of photos and videos.
Private Zone is definitely useful for safeguarding your media content like videos, pictures and office secret files (if there’s any).
No one likes to lose a long-time taken picture though!

It, therefore, a unique app in the sense that it comes with several other varieties of features for privacy-obsessed individuals😜 with its pros and cons underlined below:
  • [message]
    • Private Zone Pros
      • Phone Anti-theft features, Free Private VPN service *a sure plus*, Harassment/Spam call intercept | Efficient RAM Manager – Boost and other privacy controls
    • Private Zone Cons
      • Maraton Ads showing (for free version)
      2. Vaulty

Vaulty (Hide pictures an videos) is another reliable od dated app yet relatively unknown to the entire public.
It represents a little bit tad dated but yet performs it purposes to the utmost with its major highlight being that it captures “mugshots” of try-and-fail intruders trying to access your vault without your permission.
Source: The Android Soul
Vaulty is such an easy-to-use app as you can quickly jump into the app, select the media files or app you want to hide from and almost immediately set up password protection for it.
The mugshot feature in vaulty is also free for all user version be it paid or free which indeed represents a plus to all of its users. You also get default functionality to create and save multiple vaults, each with separate passwords.
  • [message]
    • Vaulty Pros
      • Extremely easy-to-use interface and Multiple vaults with separate passwords to store content 
    • Vaulty Cons
      • Inability to backup files to the cloud and Multiple Ads in app
      3. Infinix XOS X-Hide App

X-hide is a great utility privacy app that allows you to hide manage privacy info and data like messages, Contacts, pictures et.al all through the comfort of your smartphone with the only you being the unlikely intruder.

Infinix XOS X-hide app

The app first became available on XOS v2.0 and has never looked back since then.

  • Step 1:  You don’t have to go searching around on Google play Store cos’ you ain’t gon’ see the app there. It comes pre-installed in your Infinix XOS enabled device.
  • Step 2:   Launch the app and next proceed to enable the “Activate Hidden Mode” feature on the app – this, in turn, hides the X-hide app from your smartphone app menu whilst also keeping your hidden document intact.
  • Step 3:   Proceed to set up a four-digit pin on the app interface. This enables you to be able to launch the app when in hidden mode from just dialling ## followed by your already set up four digit pin.
  • Step 4:   Exit the app interface and proceed to launch the app using step 3 above.
NB: You get the opportunity to hide the X-hide app from your menu dock and can be launched from your phone call interface by just typing a double hashtag sign followed by your 4-digit password. Forget the password an everything is gone😎
There you have it, the sure amazing app and techniques I employ to keep my personal data and files away from the prying eyes of intruders. 
You don’t need to go about looking for a smartphone that runs the XOS launcher, you can still make use of the first two and rest be assured of safe files and documents. Let us know through the comment section your view and experience about each of the above app and we sure would be glad to share them with the entire tech world.😚

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  1. Well written post. Now I would like to use Private Zone application to hide my important stuff. Why don't you give direct download links of those?

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