April 11, 2024

From the Google search, Gmail service to smartwatches and Google Lens, the Big G is seemingly drifting its enterprise more on communication and a strategy to lure SMS users to its new messaging app called Chat.

google 'chat'
credit: The Verge

Not the least to be drawn on the idea that enough is okay for the public are out with another of their Google app series but this time a, messaging service that will even get better than hangouts.

Apparently still digesting the long list of messaging apps being wheeled to the public since the turn of the year, Google is hoping to go one further according to The Verge with their recent attempt to be named “Chat”

Chat is another of the well-known consumer friendly button-press name given to the communication protocol.

Upon its release, Google hopes, it would ultimately supersede the default messaging app that comes pre-installed on most mobile not only Android devices.

It is also hoped that it will seemingly accomplish the herculean communication task of checks notes while sending text messages.

What’s new with “Chat”?

It rumoured to operate on a new technology called Rich Communication Service (RCS) that offers basically the entire modern messaging app features you would find in SMS; from read-receipts to group chats.

The Verge is reporting that Google is likely to build a desktop interface that would support texting by users other than a phone. 
They [Google] are likewise expected to integrate new opportunities for Chat which includes the ability to send GIS and stickers just like in Messenger as well as making it compatible with other Google products like Photos and Google Assistant.
Android Police

Google is reported to place a break on most of its other messaging app including Google Wave, Google Voice and numerous other intended products so as to focus on building out Android messages with the new chat protocol.

Any Pre-notable cons

No doubt a newly developed or to-be-developed system would be free of critics or system issues; from bugs to system malfunction and underperformance resulting in Smartphone attacks. 

Google new app Chat won’t be supporting end-to-end text encryption just like in Whatsapp, which means messages can be intercepted by attacks or unknown individuals.

Online security is a hard battle to fight against and such vulnerability is sure to leave Google Chat app a step behind alternatives like Apple iMessage, Signal and Whatsapp alike.

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