April 10, 2024

A computer, like all other electronic equipment, heats up when it has been used for a long time.
Pretty Correct if you’re not aware…….

A basic cooling pad may be an inexpensive way of maintaining a lower temperature for the laptop. Placing the laptop on the cooling pad helps cool certain heat emitting areas of the laptop. This prevents scalding or scorching of the area on which it has been kept and helps boost performance of the notebook.

laptop cooling pads
credit: WonderfulEngineering

Laptop Cooling Pad, what is it like?

A cooling pad or chill pad (anyone you call it) is a computer hardware gadget which usually comes with or without fans to enable circulate air from underneath the laptop.

A chill pad with fans comprises a number of fans placed at strategical areas of the laptop when the laptop is attached to it. It is either powered by inbuilt USB ports or with a USB extender or it may come with a power cord of its own.

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Laptops when placed on soft or uneven surfaces, like that of a sofa or carpet, can heat up due to the flow of air through the air vents being blocked with lint or dust. This is especially true for people with furry pets at home.

However, chill pads lift up the bottom of the notebook from the surface and help in dissipating heat from underneath the laptop and comes in certain varieties and colours that suits either of your choices

Gel Mats for Laptop Computers

Gel mats cooling pads do not require a power supply.

Remember the name? Mats. Well, they are just like the usual mats you use but in this context, they are gadgets certainly made for the PC alone.

gel mat cooling pad
credit: Targus

They contain crystals or granules of a macromolecular compound which gets converted to a gel matrix on heating and absorbs excess heat generated by the laptop. The crystals are reformed when the cooling pad cools down and is reusable.

Cooling pads or mats come in all sizes and can be used with X-Box when hitting you console game hard or other appliances as well.
Cooling pads have therefore become an essential accessory in taking care of laptops.

Cooling Pads Benefits

Using chill pads prolongs the longevity of notebooks as they cool the central parts of the notebooks not just for notebooks alone but any computer gadgets that exerts heat/energy.

These can be used on hard or soft surfaces and even on laps. They are usually light-weight and portable and can be carried in laptop bags along with the laptops.

They are usually soundless and can cool for about five hours of continuous use. Some crucial parts of the computer like the processor, hard drives and disc drives are saved from damage due to overheating.

credit: RotherhamLaptopRepair

They are adjustable and can be manipulated to fit at an angle suitable for viewing and use. The fan speeds are adjustable to match the environment. Conservatively, they also possess rubber bumpers for a stronger grip and prevent slipping.

However, an important point to remember is that the cooling pad is charged by the laptop’s battery. So if the laptop is not plugged in and the pad draws energy from the battery for long it may affect your PC battery life.

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