April 11, 2024

Over time, the Big “G” has evolved in the world of human and machine intelligence integration (AI) with the introduction of the Google Translate application.

Tap to translate in Google translate
credit: TechnoBuffalo
With the recent integration of a brand new feature for the official Google Translate app, which has come to stay to enables its users to evade the problem caused by the language barrier. Google’s translate application is known for translating text and long sentences into a more formidable and suitable one either for the sender or receiver.
Google recent feature will therefore not only enable you to translate text from or to any language but also translate texts from within instant messenger services such as the popular WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger applications.

Tap to Translate is all about helping revolutionize the way individuals communicate and interact with friends who speak and understand a language different to your own, and allows you to translate your messages without exiting the app you’re currently using, in record time!

Real good………
Well, a little confession here. Tap-to-translate has been around for a while though the majority of the public didn’t either welcome it or were just ignorant of it.

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How does the Tap-to-translate feature work?

Almost every living being on planet earth has once in a while sent or received text irrespective of the messaging service platform used. A message from a friend you met online who speaks a different language to yours? You then have to exit the chat, paste in a translate app so as to understand what he/she is saying? 

Suffer no more😂😂😂………..

Google translate tap-to-translate feature, therefore, comes in handy if you received a message in a different language via WhatsApp or any other messenger,, in order to save you time, help hasten chat reply time and ultimately ensure al smooth chat time, all you have to do is, follow the below steps and you would be good.

How to enable Google tap to translate
credit: TechAdvisor
First Step: 
Make sure you have installed the Google translate application first cos’ that’s where the real deal is going to happen. You can get the app from Softonic

Second step:
Install the Google translate app and next locate the “SETTINGS” tab on the left-sided float bar in the application.

Having found the settings tab. There are three options to from – the “tap- to-translate” option, “speech input” and the “Data usage” option. Click on the first option.

Having clicked on “tap to translate, locate and enable the feature and that’s all. You can leave the other settings as default.

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So, whenever you have to translate any message being sent to you either on Facebook or Whatsapp, just highlight the text (message) and “Tap to translate” will answer you.😎😎

Likewise for Whatsapp groups, if you happen to be a member of a WhatsApp group for university or work that’s full of international members who tend to switch between languages during the conversations. Just follow the same procedure and you will be good.

NB: The “Tap to translate” feature is currently only available for Android users. But for individuals running on other OS asides Andriod, you can still make use of the copy-and-translate feature and you will still be good.

The Google tap to translate feature works with most messaging apps. Give it a try and sure, you’ll never get lost in translation again!

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