April 11, 2024

Samsung is quite a marvellous smartphone to use with the Galaxy case, but have you ever run into a shit where your beloved smartphone gets shoved out of your grips during the morning rush and urrrhh……

samsung galaxy s9 plus price, durable cases

Samsung Galaxy S9+ has been released and no doubt the tech freaks are doing all they can to get their hands on the device, but have you ever reasoned complementing your newly acquired Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ with a case?

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ cases are quite a beauty in the eye of the beholder.

With the smartphone recent release and a big wow!!! about the Galaxy prices, no doubt we’ve been convinced with some pretty new and exciting features.

From having a refined design/look, a new main camera with a dual aperture that promises to deliver excellent low-light photography, a fingerprint sensor below the camera to a Dolby Atmos surrounding sound, what more could we ask of?

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So, to ensure your Samsung mobile stays protected with good Galaxy S9 and S9+ cases, we dropped by to check on our friends at Tech21, a smartphone case manufacturing company and found these durable cases:

Sure, we got the best!!!

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  1. Griffin Survivor Galaxy Case 

If you sure want to hide the attractiveness of your Samsung Galaxy S9 maybe to avoid losing it at a bridal feast, the Griffin Survivor Clear Case is a great option. It is simple and a bit amazing too as it offers excellent protection. This case is able to withstand a fall of up to 4 feet. It’s cheap and you sure won’t regret having it. 

samsung galaxy s9 plus griffin survivor case
credit: Amazon
Get it on Amazon for $15.

2. Mous Bamboo case

This one issa real hit. Sure, every guy dream Galaxy case out there. The Mouse Bamboo case is built to provide full protection with a TPU bumper, polycarbonate back, and a magnetic mounting system.😎😎😎  Adding only a mere 2.3mm to the thickness of the phone. With choice restriction between carbon fibre, bamboo, and shell. Also, it comes with a free screen protector, which can save you a lot of money.

s9 bamboo case
credit: Mous

Go get it at Mous for $45.

3. Urban Armor gear case

Big tech company UAG Plyo series offers an impact-resistant core and reinforced corners for solid drop protection. The Urban Armor gear case has a raised rubber screen-lip and rear skid pads, which provide full protection to your Galaxy device. It also comes in a variety of colours to choose from. 

urban Armor case galaxy s9 plus
credit: Amazon
Buy it on Amazon for $40.

4. Evo Max Case

Tech21 are known for making incredibly durable and attractive cases, but the company’s yet most protective case is the Evo Max. It has 14 feet of scientifically proven drop protection, which is a pretty high altitude to drop something made of glass and have it remain intact. Also comes in a variety of colours to choose from. 

Evo max galaxy s0 plus case
credit: Tech21
Buy it Tech21 for $45.

5. Incipio DualPro Case

Arguably Incipio’s best ever selling case, the DualPro Galaxy case has two layers of military-grade protection that will help your phone survive a 10-foot drop!!! Even though the case has two layers, it isn’t terribly thick. An option of six different colours to choose from.

samsung galaxy dual case Incipio s( plus
credit: Incipio

Get it here for $30.
So, those where our choice picks of galaxy s9 and S9+ cases. Have a go at the one that suits you most and don’t forget to share this post. See you some time again!

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