April 15, 2024

Fresh from the recent release of the iPhone X earlier this month in some countries, the Tech gadget giant might be in for another public surprise and Wow!!! reportedly set for a new Apple iPhone launch in the next few months. Nope:- This One is not going to be iPhone 1😄

Apple new iPhone SE 2018 release
Reports have it that the tech-savvy and entire public might just be expecting another new phone from Apple that could maybe launch in early 2018
Rumours have emerged of a new version of the company’s “budget” iPhone SE – which would give Apple fans and the entire public a low-priced alternative compared to the £999 all-screen new Apple phone (the iPhone X) which perhaps proved costly to all and sundry.
No doubt, this has been a very successful year for the gadget giant with the recent release of their numerous Apple series alongside the iPhone X, yet, the prospect of dominating the technology and gadget industry at large away from the immediate competitors will be something they are in a battle to ensure.

Alongside yet another smartphone tech feature which allows for Wireless charging of their smartphones without having to carry USB cords around.

It is reported that Apple wants to backtrack on their Budget iPhone SE initially unveiled on March 21, 2016, at Apple’s Cupertino HQ’s and features a smaller 4-inch screen and the all-metal casing. 

It was initially used for the iPhone 5. It comes with a presumably decent camera and is still on sale for £349 – the cheapest iPhone available from Apple.
According to a report from Tekz24.com website, Apple will reportedly build the iPhone SE 2 at a factory in India.
There’s no telling on when Apple may reveal the next version of the iPhone SE but gadget watchers reckon it could be in March 2018, a year after the first phone was launched, presumably in line with iPhone release dates.
Apple new iPhone version
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Although the outside of the phone may virtually continue to look same like the initially budget SE, Apple will likely have to increase the processor and, possibly, upgrade the camera in an effort to keep the phone current and up to date in line with their recent releases.
With screen sizes on smartphones regularly arriving at between 5 and 6 inches, the option to have a 4-inch phone is a good one for those with smaller hands and pockets.
Generall, the recent surge in the price of their newest iPhone might still prove to be a hard nut to create for all Apple fans and consumers. So, just get your iPhone plans on the way before the year 2018.

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