April 11, 2024
Even the most sophisticated experts and tech geeks agree on covering laptop webcam as arguably the safest cybersecurity solution around to help protect against laptop camera spy and total inversion of privacy – laptop webcam blocker.

cover your webcam and microphone

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, was pictured with a covering to his laptop during a photo presentation on Twitter. The Facebook founder had taped over his computer webcam and microphone and almost certainly has the same paranoid feeling we do over hackers and privacy invaders.

The picture quite went viral and in a bid to back that notion up, FBI director James Comey a month later admitted that offices in the US government should also cover up their webcams and microphone against attacks.

Facebook HQ (Mirrortech)

Use of Tor Browser for privacy and help to stay anonymous might not just save you, you still have to cover that camera of yours. 

Situations have been narrated of couples caught on camera making love in a room (IT 2016 movie). This could not have been possible had they covered the laptop webcam which was facing directly to them.
Assuming you’re not a spy, hacker, government executive worker or even the chief executive of a multi-billion dollar company, do you really need to panic about an individual performing a laptop’s camera spy or even through the microphone when at work or at home?
The answer, according to many tech experts, is yes. You still possess an identity.
You cannot just do without it. Hackers are brilliant individuals with different techniques and employ illegal acts and tricks for getting on their victim with minimum or no fuss at all

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In the year 2013, a hacker told BBC Radio 5 Live that access to a woman’s webcam costs about a dollar and that he had access to 500 computers.

Could you imagine that!!!

“There’s always pervs on the internet who want to buy female ‘bots’, and most likely if they want a webcam they take photos and sell it,” he said at the time.
The following year, a voyeuristic website popped up online, featuring live streams from thousands of webcams located in 250 countries around the world.
As it turned out, the owners of these webcams had all made the same simple mistake – they never changed the device’s default password nor sort the option of covering up their laptop webcam to prevent this event from occurring.
“There are occasional bugs in web-based technologies that allow attackers to open your webcam and record video on it,” Tod Beardsley, research director at cybersecurity company Rapid7, told gadget blog Circuit Breaker.
“To cover your laptop camera is a super easy thing to do, and it is a signal to other people that you think about security.”

Earlier in the year, there was also information on the new method for hackers now after hardware, no longer the software as it gives them unravelled privilege to their intended victim or gadget.

Of course, with each household in the world now containing an average of nine smart devices or accessories, be it CCTV cameras, microdevices, the notion is that it’s no longer just laptop webcams or microphones we need to worry about.

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Smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, web-connected home security cameras (CCTV’s), smart TVs and entirely all laptop with built-in camera are also vulnerable to hacking and privacy inversion – and the vast majority have little or no security protection that comes with it.

Also, with the feeling that these whole devices and gadgets are been run with literally poor password information on them, computer exposure to hacks is a huge certainty.

“Any internet-connected device that has a camera attached to it will likely have a microphone built-in as well, turning them into perfect spying tools if remotely controlled by hackers,” said Liviu Arsene, Senior E-Threat Analyst at cybersecurity firm Bitdefender.
“If not properly secured, attackers will not only invade your privacy but also extort victims for financial gains.”

Technology might just be an amazing discovery with its hilarious breakthroughs and eye-boggling google new inventions, but it might as well cost us much and peace of life entirely if we continue being ignorant of these or even using them the wrong way.

You can check out our astonishing protection tips to help you stay safe and protect your privacy on the web amidst attack and inversions and several other laptop spies.

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