April 11, 2024
No doubt, videos and multimedia at large has taken over the ICT industry over the past couple of years with Big companies like Facebook, Twitter and others adopting the divisive feature in their different modules.

Google autoplay video feature

Google never to be left out has begun a testing move towards putting one of the most divisive features of the modern web experience, the auto-playing video, directly into search results which implies that when you make searches on Google Engine, a video feature is likely to accompany your search result just like in Facebook and Twitter.

The video feature is likely to be placed at the top of the search results as part of knowledge panel for certain searches as per spotted by Jennifer Slegg on one of the search specialist – the SEM post.

This, therefore, implies that respective searches for media like movies, TV shows information are directly incorporated with their video feature in the right-hand sidebar, automatically playing without ads of any kind.

Should be noted that the videos which automatically play for desktop and PC users require a tap to play move for the mobile devices. Google who are thinking of a radical change to their homepage for as long time since 1966 quoted through their spokesperson:

We are on a constant move towards experimenting for the best ways to improve search experiences for our users, but have no plans to announce it at this time. 

The increase in the inclusion of autoplay video feature has become a seriously annoying part of our modern not to talk about auto-download video feature in some others. Facebook seemed to be the first to work towards the idea of autoplay video feature in their Newsfeed despite being faced with complaints and boos from their users.

Google on its own, should have considered that any move leading to altering search result pages could prove divisive if not non-compelling for its users too. But one key major fact the Big “G” are to understand is that ;

Facebook will only go as far as engaging and entertaining its users with thier auto-play video feature while Google search users are more or less in for information and ideas never for entertainment

 Also, it should be recalled that Google was also the one that integrated Adblock in their Chrome Browsers to ward of certain levels of ads thereby increasing user search experience.
With a major call on how to embed a youtube video, Google might also have to come up with their own.

So what this actually infers is that Google IF they were to finally integrate this motive in search results, it should ultimately play content from videos and never any level of adverts.

Having started with the integration of Youtube videos into searches, I think is the time they get those videos/media playing automatically with ease.

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