April 11, 2024

Encrypting a PDF document with a password is one of the most practised for security measures by individuals and Established organisations. But on the other hand, you can also easily remove passwords from pdf. 

With measures to either protect the aforementioned document or to ensure unauthorised access by means of Adobe PDF Editor or a third party software, all are probable reasons we secure pdf documents.

Remove PDF password
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Removing the password to giving PDF document may be prompted by several reasons; say to save yourself the inconvenience of having to memorise every secured document password or making the file easily accessible to others.

We are to be exploring several unique ways to remove PDF password from that document of yours using designated procedures which include: –

  • Using Google Chrome
  • Using Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Using Third-Party Tools/Softwares

Using Google Chrome

This trick is only going to work if the intended PDF document does not deny any printing options without the provision of the password to the documents. Unfortunately, many PDF are protected with encryption and can only be printed normally if you have access to the document password.

Google Chrome is quite a free tool which one can use to achieve this giving purpose due to the high trust placed on it by its users and to juice it up; it works well on both Mac, Linux and Windows respectively.

How is this possible? Google Chrome contains a built in PDF writer and reader plugin which can easily be used to erase or assign a password to a PDF document.

Step 1:

You will first have to drag the intended PDF into you Google Chrome interface. On any other occasion you should be reading you wonderful document but alas! this one would not open for you and will only show the image below.

Example Chrome PDF

Step 2:

Next, you have to navigate to the “Change” button under Destination and select Print. Alternatively, you can click on Ctrl+P on your Windows OS or Cmd+P on your Mac OS.

This will bring a drop down for printing the secured PDF. You can then select “Save as PDF” button as your original printer. Your new saved PDF will contain the same document as the Original, but won’t be password-protected or prompt you to enter a password on next reopening.

Chrome PDF printer

Using Adobe Acrobat

Arguably the most official way to get rid of PDF document containing any level of security. You can achieve this by making use of their 30-day trial or week-long version or ultimately get the Adobe Acrobat PRO paid version.

NB: The Adobe Acrobat Pro is a different program (application) from the free Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF viewer which everyone uses.

A major advantage of using the Adobe Acrobat Pro is it works even on PDF documents that possess printing g restrictions, unlike the Google chrome option which does not support PDF with printing restrictions.

Step 1:

To start with, you have to first open the PDF document specifically using Adobe Acrobat to view it. You can find that open when you right click on the document and select “Open with” option from the drop down.
For Windows OS:
Click on the Lock icon/shape after opening the PDF on the left-hand side of the Window and afterwards select the “Permissions Details” option as in the image below. You can also do this by locating the document properties and then the Security tab icon.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Now, click on the “Security Method” tab and then select “No Security” from the drop-down. Click Ok to apply your selected changes to the document and thereby remove the password.

Adobe Acrobat Permission Details

Next, just click on Save and the edited document will be saved without password permissions or security measures of any kind.
For Mac OS:

Open the PDF and enter the user password so as to gain access to the document. Once you have access to the document, remove the user and the owner password by following these procedures.

Remove MacOS PDF password

Search for the “Secure” button from where you can locate the Security settings. Next, click on  “Remove Security” and then enter the PDF password. Save the edited PDF and there you have your document without security/password.

Using Third-Party Tools/Softwares

Another alternative to the Google Chrome and Adobe Acrobat Pro option is the use of certain designated software to remove passwords PDF documents.

Most of the third-party tools out there now are free and quite user-friendly for any individual.  You can also use these third-party tools to remove any security measure in a given Document be it in batch or single mode.

A clear example is the PDF Password Remover” and the “Free PDF password Remover” developed by 4dots Software Incorporation.

Most of this software may contain lots or even loads of Malware and also requires integration into Windows Explorer. To do this, you may have to select the “Integrate with Windows Explorer” option during installation so as to be able to click the “Add File” option in the interface.

This is beneficial as it enables you to select PDF for password removal either through the Add File option or using the Add Folder option for removing passwords in a folder or a PDF document altogether.


So, feel free to share your thoughts on Removing Passwords from PDF documents and which of the above strategy or measure works perfectly for you.

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