April 12, 2024
During the already gone year, there were series of different enticing and captivating TED talks 2016 by different individuals.

Top TED talks
Photo by Alejandro Escamilla

In case you don’t know, TED is a media organisation which posts talks online for free distribution, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TED was founded in February 1984 as a conference, which has been held annually since 1990.

It ranges from different topics on several niches across the Globe. Issues on Infrastructure, Technology, Innovations and Internet breakthrough are some of the major led talks on TED.

We, therefore, made a compilation of the best top 10 TED talks of the year 2016. These were selected based on our preferences of user opinion, the max engagement of the given talk and other clear factors.

Can we build AI without losing control over it

   Sam Harris

More of a question-like talk.
We all know and are aware of the current breakthrough in the technology industry. Sam Harris recognised the fact that someday, we may get to build machines that are smarter than we are.

 He, therefore, stressed the fact that in the case of building machines (gods) that are smarter than we are, we get to make sure that they are gods we can live with. A great talk indeed.

Gene Editing can wipe out mosquitoes forever

More of a suggestion based talk.
We all acknowledge the fact that mosquitoes are a very bad enemy to mankind, and have caused thousands of so many deaths.

She, therefore, outlined the risk involved in carrying out gene editing. Though they may be a frightening act to talk on but more or less worth the risk taking.

The secret to effective nonviolent resistance

More of a kick towards eradicating violence.
She stressed the need to give war-affected regions a real tool that its use is powerful and as powerful as violence itself

We are therefore not just going to tell them that the war is over, instead, we must offer them a tool as outlined above.

Top 10 Ted talks
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Here’s how we can fix the Refugee System

Another suggestion-based TED talk 2016.
The long man in question suggested through his talk of offering them opportunities for human flourishing.

This, therefore, is made possible by not seeing them (refugees) as inevitably dependent upon human existence. 

A prosecutor’s vision for justice

Read his taught in one single sentence:
“Everyday thousands of times a day, thousands of prosecutors around the United States; a real power so great that it can bring about Catastrophe as quickly as it can bring about Opportunity, Innovation, Support and YES! Even love”

He, therefore, is stressing this intending catastrophe exhibited by prosecutors into an arm relevant and useful for the country in question. A real Prosecutors Vision For Justice.

What do you think when you look at me?

A quite clear but confusing headline used by the always solemn lady.
She induces the importance of making the right choices in this time of FEAR. Would you play safe? Or are you joining those who say “we are better than that”

Inside the mind of a procrastinator

  Tim Urban

A psychological discovery.
Tried analysing his talk with some graphics which involved a procrastinators mindset having a “Rational Decision Maker” and also a powerful “Gratification monkey”.

Well, it, therefore, means that everything is fine until the clash with each other. Maybe like the Big Bang. Cannot just say.

The discovery of gravitational waves

Highlighted two black holes with the difference in mass of suns. These holes keep rolling around each other a hundred times per second before they collide.
And how do we get to know it – because we heard it!

Hunting for dinosaurs showed me our place in the Universe

The dinosaur extinction!
We all know that dinosaurs died due to extinction due to a cosmic explosion with a choice of theirs. But we on the other hand – do have a choice. Truly worth checking out.

The Visual history of social dance

Why do we dance? To move, To let loose, To express.
And why therefore do we dance TOGETHER?  To heal, To remember. To say – we speak a common language, we exist and we are free.

So those were our top 10 checklists. We will like to hear from you about your favourite TED talk of the year 2016. Comment below!

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