April 15, 2024
Away from home and in need of WiFi to perform quick task? Facebook
now offers you that help you need to find it. Before now, this feature was
initially only available in a few selected countries.

Just saw a tweet on twitter positioning to the extent Technology can be of impact to a nation like ours Nigeria

#TechPlus2017 Technology is the limiting factor in Nigeria,give us Technology and watch us flourish 💪

— Candy Brand 🍭 || PR (@TheCandyBrand) July 6, 2017

 The Big social network’s
“Find WiFi” feature is now available all around the world and the most
interesting fact is that- “it has been enabled for Android and IOS clients”.  Just fresh from their handy celebration of more
2 billion monthly connected users . With this recent upgrade, one can now
locate and connect to available hotspots and nearby businesses, near you.

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You might have been considering how this feature is made
possible, Facebook has a way of extracting already saved information that
businesses owners and companies have added to their business pages on Facebook.

Business/companies data
Source:- techcruch

 Mind you, Facebook is not
going to reveal every business or company details near you that might have WiFi
available features, just those that are on Facebook. This is an essential
feature because it is almost impossible to find any business that does not have
a page or account on Facebook.

It could still be pretty useful though. Here’s
how to go about locating that Wi-fi of yours.
  1. Open the Facebook app on any Facebook
    enabled gadget and then click the “More” icon.
  2. Select “Find WiFi” tab from the drop-down
    list of available options. You might be prompted to turn the feature on if
    already off.
In a situation you can’t locate the “More” tab, then you may
find the feature nested under the “Apps” section. The search results are usually
presented as a list, but you can click on the Map button at the top right-hand
side of the page to see things on a map as well.

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To locate a given WiFi name on Yelp, conduct a search for the
type of business you would like to transform into your home office for a few
hours and next tap the filter option button in the search bar to narrow down
these selections to just those locations that have WiFi enabled.

Facebook are also planning other numerous big projects including efforts via its internet.org arm to expand mobile and online connectivity in emerging markets, infrastructural investments, plans to establish solar-powered drones for more internet connectivity and lots more.
Open Wifi
Source:- techcruch

So, its up to us to enjoy these features now while awaiting for an increment in Technology of what these companies has to offer. If ever tried this feature, feel free to let us know through the comment section.

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