April 12, 2024

What Are File Extensions?

You may have noticed that many of the files you can see on your computer have different three character endings, such as .doc, .png, .exe, .jpg, .apk etc. Earlier computer systems had concise limit of the amount of characters a file could display. The last three characters therefore are positioned to tell the computer system which programs is designed or allocated to open a designated file type. Just as the .exe file extension runs computer system files whereas, the apk file extension runs mobile programs.
Here we will go through several of the most common types of file extension you will see arranged in alphabetical order, and explain exactly what they are too as this will help you understand the risk, limitation of downloading a giving file type:

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#The .Doc/.Docx File Extension For Microsoft Word Documents:

Microsoft Windows Interface

Probably the most popular program and file type among individuals. These are files made with Microsoft Word, being text-based documents. This is one of the most common formats you will come across, and may even use to make your own written documents. Comes in different continuous upgrading versions.

#.Exe (Disk Operating System Executable File):

These are programs usually run by the computers operating system. It therefore executes the system programs. Most times it may also be a medium by which certain viruses and infected programs are been shared. So, it is therefore advisable to recognize the sender before opening such programs.

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#.Gif (Graphics Interchange Format):

This is mostly used to show little animations of a few frames that play in an endless loop. You will probably have seen many of these recently, as there are many of them doing the rounds on social media networks and the internet at large. A really nice upgrade.

#.Htm or .Html (Hyper Text Markup Language):

This is the a file extension that usually runs on web pages. Its is used to create file types that run only on the web not on you local computer. This type of file is usually accessed by all on the web.

#.Txt FilesTypes (ASCII Text):

Text files are the most simplest of file types containing only but “plain text”. Several different programs are used in opening this kind of file types like the default Notepad on your system. These types of files usually comes as README files in programs to be installed.

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#.Zip Files (Compressed Zip Archive):

ZIP files are file types where the contents of the file are compressed in order to save storage space, or to make transmission easier. Many large files will be compressed in this way. You will need to Unzip them with a program like WinRAR to open their contents. You should be careful when unzipping files from unknown sources, as they may contain harmful viruses.

#.Ppt Files (PowerPoint Files):

These file types are made by using Microsoft PowerPoint, a program used for creating presentation on slides or images, combining text and pictures. Usually used for for office or educational purposes.

Having gone through the following file extensions, well it is your time now to tell me the ones not included up their. Comments are allowed!!!

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