April 10, 2024
When it comes to modern technology such as smartphones and tablets, top brands are often copied, and more often than not, you’re almost unable to recognize them. Is it possible to recognize a fake gadget before buying it? So, before purchasing the product you want to have, bear in mind the following tips: 

1. Notice the differences in the packaging and the product

There are many tips to bear in mind when comparing a counterfeit product to the real thing. More often than not, a copy wouldn’t pay much attention to the packaging, whereas an official retailer will take care of the slightest details of design and packaging. In the case of the packaging, pay attention to the print quality. Just watch the above Video to confirm.

The font should be legible and consistent. Nothing should be loose inside. Goods are always packaged well to ensure that nothing gets damaged during transportation. Even the seams and corners of the packaging film should be impeccable. 

3. Notice the fonts 

The logo is the face of the brand, and for this reason, deserves special attention. Logos on top brands are created in such a way so as they’ll be easily recognizable even after years of use. Fonts must be smooth, readable and durable. Fake products often get this bit wrong.

4. Check the charger

The charger should be adapted for use in your country. If you’re asked to buy an adapter or a separate charger than taking it as a warning sign that the product you have purchased may be a fake.

Furthermore, brand chargers don’t have seams between plastic parts and don’t come in different colors. Originals always have neat metal tips and quality insulation and finishes.

5. Look closely at wires and plugs

If it’s a counterfeit product, be on the lookout for wire quality. In the original, a plugged-in cable will sit firmly and evenly. A counterfeit will likely have incorrect angles and loose parts.

Notice also, the length of a plug, which usually doesn’t coincide with the depth of the socket. Pay attention to the quality of the insulation and the symbols on it.

The wire should be flexible and even-coloured and the markings shouldn’t be erasable.

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Images: penYakki

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