April 10, 2024
The most 81-year-olds struggle to use a computer at all, let alone able to produce their very own iPhone app, but Masako Wakamiya is far from being a run-of-the-mill senior.
The Japanese lady used everything she had learned over the previous 20 years about code to produce an iPhone app called Hinadan inspired by a traditional Japanese holiday known as Girls’ Day. The game is simple – players must arrange a series of dolls in a specific order, and the app beeps in approval or disapproval depending on the player’s inputs.

Masako’s journey to tech-savviness began when she turned 60. She had worked in a bank for the previous 43 years but was forced to retire. She purchased a computer and set it up all by herself. She soon began chatting online and discovering the world of possibilities on the internet.

81-year-old Masako Wakamiya

Here’s what the game’s interface looks like. The dolls must be arranged in a specific order, beeping according to whether the order they are placed in is correct or incorrect.

The game took inspiration from Girls’ Day, a traditional Japanese holiday that involves dolls being dressed up.

Masako told her amazing story at the 2014 edition of TEDxTokyo. Watch this inspiring video in which she encourages seniors to embrace technology and never stop learning.
Content and Image from BabamailBoredPanda

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