April 10, 2024
You may have heard of freelance job sites for designers and developers, however, these sites cater to a specific niche. Here is a list of websites that offer payment opportunities to everyone, for doing usual things you do on daily basis. Let’s dive into the following list to check out these websites.

1. Fiverr

Who does not know what Fiverr is, as it is one of the most popular websites to get or provide digital services. You can create graphics or music, edit photos, create logos, channel art, write or edit, and a lot more things on this platform. Each gig costs $5, but you can offer additional services for additional pay

2. Snapwire

If you take awesome smartphone photos, you can sell them online. Snapwire caters to different requests from clients from all over the globe, and you need to submit a proper photo to a proper request, like Sea Food, Children Play, etc.

3. Udemy

You can share your knowledge with Udemy and get paid by creating online courses. The average instructor earning is $8k. There are 12M students and only 20k passionate instructors.

4. Clashot

Clashot is one more smartphone photo bank. It’s a free app for iOS and Android which allows you to take, publish and sell photos.Photographers earn about 44% of each sale.

5. My Gift Cards Plus

This is a cashback service which gives you back $1 from each gift card you buy. There are a huge number of brands you can choose from to buy a certificate.

6. User Testing

After you register and complete a test video, you will get tasks on your email each time a new website for test is available. You will get paid for each website you evaluate. Usually, a website takes about 20 minutes, and you’ll get about $10-15.

7. Foap

Foap is yet another simple platform to sell your mobile photos. Some of the world’s largest brands like MasterCard, Hyatt, Volvo Group, Absolut Vodka can buy your photos.The photo costs $10 on the app, but you’ll get $5 from each image you sell.

8. Perk

Perk offers unique ways to earn money. With Perk you can earn money by watching TV, playing games, going to different places, shopping, watching movie trailers and more.

9. Twenty20

Twenty20 is a huge community of photographers to share and sell photos. It has about 300,000 photographers and 46M photos to choose from. Those who don’t have an iphone can use a website, because they don’t have Android version yet.

10. TopCashback

TopCashback is a leading cashback website from USA, with highest fee when you shop with them. They don’t cut your commission to earn, they get money from featuring businesses on their homepage.

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