April 17, 2024
There are some people who still think that sending or sharing files to other instantly is quite troublesome and difficult. From the use of apps and web based applications like Volafile, PcCloud and the rest, problem associated with file sharing might just have been made a thing of the past.

Well, they are definitely wrong because developers have created some amazing apps for file-sharing these recent years, and each of these mobile apps is so amazing that you’ll get confused as which one to choose.

After trying lots of them, we’ve come to conclusion on some of the best file-sharing platforms which you should have in your phone.

Of course, we rated these apps based on the ease of usage as well as some pros and cons that come with them. So, let’s dig into the list to know more about these apps. Shall we..


WeTransfer” has become one of the leading file-sharing mobile apps to
date. One of the main reasons why you should use this app is due to the simplicity of its file sharing/sending procedure. Yes, as soon as you get to the official site, you can start sending files to your friends without even registering.

However, remember that the file you send will be available for a week. Also, there is a 20gb file size limitation per transfer, which is actually quite enough. But if you need more expiration time and sending file capacity, you can purchase the plus version which lets you choose your own expiration time for the file you send. The file limitation? Unlimited!

As for the receiver, they will get an email notification which will direct them to the main site to get the file. Yes, as easy as that. It is available for Android, as well as iOS phones. WeTransfer is also ‘kind’ on your phone because the size of the app is small, and it doesn’t even take much RAM when you are using it. 

  • Easy to use, no need to register
  • Also very easy for the receiver to download the file
  • Big size limitation (even for the free user)
  • The size of mobile app is small
  • Attractive background and sound during downloading and uploading

  • There is a time expiration (7 days) for the free users before the file can be downloaded by the receiver.


Pibox is one of the most unique file-sending platforms out there. Aside from the ability to share or send files, this app lets you chat with your friends in a messenger-like mode. So, if you are a great fan of chatting, you will definitely love Pibox.

However, you have to register first before you can start sending files
or chatting with your friends. Also, you have to invite your friends
using their phone numbers to start chatting and sharing files.

Pibox App Interface

Anyway, after registering, you will be given a free 3 GB storage to use. You can keep increasing the storage up to 1000 GB by inviting your friends to register in Pibox. So far, there is no paid version for Pibox,
so every user is treated the same here. Pibox is currently available
for Android and desktop. The developers of the app say that the iOS version will be developed soon.

  • No quality loss upon sharing files between users
  • 3 GB free cloud storage after registering for the first time. You
    can increase it up to 1000 GB by inviting your friends to join Pibox
  • You can chat with your friends in a private or group chatroom
  • Fast uploading speed
  • The app is free for everybody, means that everybody gets the same services
  • You can change your profile picture as you prefer

  • No browser bookmarklet available yet
  • You can only invite your friends via their phone number
  • Currently, Pibox is only available for Android users


Filemail Downloader is quite similar to WeTransfer in term of sharing/sending simplicity. You can stay as a free user if you want, and don’t even need to register to start sending files to your friends.

However, unlike WeTransfer, Filemail offers 30 GB size limitation for file sending. The receiver has 7 days time limit to download the file you send before it’s gone forever. However, the pro and business version lets you send unlimited file size as well as controlling the time expiration for the file you send.

Filemail also has other awesome extensions to use for free, i.e., Filemail downloader and receiver (to increase download speed) and Filemail API (for developers). This app is available for Desktop, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux.

  • Very easy to use for both the sender and receiver
  • No registration needed (if you are a free user)
  • The files shared maintain their original quality
  • 30 GB size limit to send files if you are a free user, and it’s unlimited if you buy the pro/business version
  • Supports almost any major platforms, such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and even Linux
  • Fast-response and helpful customer service
  • There is free Filemail Downloader and Receiver extension to make your uploading or downloading process faster
  • Filemail API is also available for developers

  • The uploading speed is rather slow compared to the other file-sharing program
  • There is a bug that says ‘no mobile data allowed, rescheduling
    transfer’ before you send files via mobile app. Filemail team hasn’t
    done anything to fix the bug or even answered the complaints from mobile
  • Upon uploading, if you close the page, means your process will be lost and you have to start over
  • There is a 7 days time expiration for the free user

💡Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere takes an easy, quick, and unlimited approach to file sharing. And after trying it myself, I guess it is not an exaggerated statement. You can actually send any files easily to others in really simple steps. There is one important point which you have to underline about Send Anywhere, which is the 6 digits code system.

So, if you want to try the app without registering,
you simply have to go to the official site and upload the files you want
to send. After that, you will receive 6 digits code. If the receiver has Send Anywhere installed
in their phone or computer, then they should insert the code to
download the files you sent earlier. Otherwise, you simply need to give
them the link to download page.

Most sending/transferring files programs ask you to provide the email or phone number of the receiver, but with Send Anywhere, you don’t have to, and that is the strongest point of this program.

Another good thing is that you can upload or receive as many files as you want, and there is no paid or pro version, so everyone gets the same service. However, the receiver has to wait 60 seconds before downloading the file.

  • You don’t have to insert your email or phone number of the receiver
  • Privacy both sender and receiver is secure
  • The service is totally free. There’s no paid or pro version

  • When you send download code to receiver, they need to wait for 60 seconds before able to download the file


Volafile.io is a live filesharing and chat service that strongly believe in protecting the anonymity of the users. Simply put, this program doesn’t ask your or the receiver’s email, phone number and any other confidential data. You don’t even need to register to use Violafile.

Apart from that, this program is totally easy to use. As soon as you get to the site, you can create a ‘room’ (like a chat room) and share the room’s link to the receiver to chat while uploading the files.

People like this program because it protects your privacy and is simple to use. Not to mention that you can send as many files as you want. Oh, and you can invite more than one people to the room.

The only problem is that Violafile has no mobile app, so the user has
to access the room via browser (from desktop or mobile). And the other
thing is, the file you uploaded to to this app will only last for about 2 days before it is taken down.

  • It is like a social media for big file sharing. So you could put files into group room and share with anyone you want.
  • There’s not only the option to send big file but you can make motion picture too from photos you uploaded in Violafile

  • Violafile doesn’t have mobile app version, so you can only use it in mobile or desktop browser.


Pcloud offers free service to send your big files up to 5GB instantly.
Its simple interface allows you to upload multiple files through drag
and drop. Then fills the receiver email form where you can add up to 10 of your friends to receive your files.

After that, you need to fill in your email address (as sender) and an optional message. Your files will be delivered in one click with ‘send files’ button.

The great features that the company offers is, you can encrypt your files to achieve data security. No one can access your files until they see the password.

  • Can deliver your files up to 5gb instantly
  • Encrypts your files for data security

  • No mobile/desktop app provided


Sending or sharing things has turned into such a lifestyle across the cyber world now. We used to send files to others using e-mail, which is convenient, but there is a size limitation which makes things not fun anymore.

The mobile apps and online services mentioned above,
are one of the best available in the market that take the hassle out of
file sharing and let you enjoy the different features that they offer.

So, whichever of the methods you employ in sending and receiving you huge files over the net just like Volafile.io, let us know about your experience with any of this app or service.

Ref: Hongkiat

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